The Security Measures that the SEC has set for its Whistleblowers

In 2010, significant amendments occurred in the United States’ finance sector. This transformation was facilitated by the Congress when it approved Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and the Consumer Protection Act. These legislations were the only ones that had been passed since the Great Depression. The Dodd-Frank Act gave the Securities and Exchange Commission power to create a protection program for any individual who gives it helpful intelligence on organizations that do not abide by the laws that govern securities. The SEC whistleblower protection program demands that the informants should be appreciated by being guaranteed job security and a monetary motivation.


Law firms in the United States created programs that are dedicated to offering representation to the whistleblowers after the passing of the protection plan. Labaton Sucharow spearheaded the formation of the whistleblower practice, and its services have currently grown to be the best in the industry. The company has dedicated itself to plaintiff representation, and it currently has an outstanding program for filling lawsuits. It has also hired professionals who are well informed on the U.S securities regulations, and they include financial predictors, internal investigator, and forensic specialists


Labaton Sucharow has hired Jordan A. Thomas as the head of its whistleblower representation services. He is an experienced attorney, and he formerly served in the enforcement department of the SEC as a deputy principal litigation counsel and as an assistant director of the commission. During his term of service at the SEC, Mr. Thomas was involved in the creation and the enforcement of the whistleblower protection program.


The laws that have been set by the SEC’s plan state that the commission should give the whistleblowers at least 10-30 percent of the money that it receives as penalties due to the evidence that they offered. The organization is also obligated to ensure that its informants have job security.


The Securities and Exchange Commission ensures that everyone can consult it at any time, and therefore, it does not charge any fees. It also allows foreigners to report cases and has been proving translators to assist individuals who cannot speak English. Whistleblowers who would like to disclose information without revealing their identity can use the representation of an attorney.


Magnises Gives You Millennials the Black Card Experience

Billy McFarland is the man that had the plan to get the Magnises card in the hands of millennials. He knew that this was a card that people would want when they graduated from college, but most of them just didn’t have this type of credit to get this type of black card. That is why he decided to create something that would give people access to a card that had these types of perks.

McFarland has actually started a lot of companies, but the Magnises card may be one of the most recognizable concepts that McFarland has put into place. He is a young executive that has tapped into executives that have experience with credit cards, but the Magnises card isn’t exactly a line of credit. This is essentially a program that is an extension of a credit card that you already have. It is like giving your credit card an energy boost.

Right now this card is the most beneficial for people in the New York City area. This is where all the exclusive affairs take place. There are restaurants like Pier 81 that have complimentary drinks and hors d’oeuvres on Thursday if they have this Magnises card. There are are also others places like the Hudson Terrace or the BowlMor Bowling Alley that will provide Magnises members with an assortment of things like complimentary bottles or buy 1, get 1 free drink offers.

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The Magnises card will be able to put people in a place where they can actually get into exclusive parties where they may be able to get up close and personal with artists like French Montana. So many of young millennials are getting a chance to embrace experiences that they could never acquire before getting the Magnises card. In the beginnings this was a members-only invitation, but there is a rolling application process for people that plan to sign up for this card.

Lots of people are interested in the experience that they could get with this card because it’s not like anything else that they have had before. There are some nightclub perks on that are awesome for young people that may want to get into certain nightclubs without getting hassled. The ClubPass offered by Magnises is what helps people get into some of the hottest clubs in NYC.

There are movie premiere parties that are held in NYC that will grant access to people that are members of exclusive clubs like Magnises. This black metal card can be the thing that gives you access to discounts that can save you money. This is what all black card members ultimately want. They want to have exclusive access to events, but they want to save money even more. That is why the Magnises card has become so popular.


Dick DeVos: Taking Entrepreneurship and Charitable Giving to a Completely New Level

Dick DeVos is an American executive who discovered the art of transforming his diverse talents into a passion. Even as a kid, this seasoned entrepreneur was actively involved in handling some task on behalf of his family business. He has excellent academic qualifications, thriving businesses, and several charitable organizations that are running smoothly due to his generous contributions. DeVos is both a political donor and an active politician. In 2006, he participated in the highly contested Michigan’s gubernatorial race but Jennifer Granholm clinched the seat.

Profession expertise and business prospects

Dick DeVos has an in-depth knowledge and professional expertise of launching new entrepreneurial ventures. He is a fully trained business administrator and knows how to solve grand challenges facing the ever-evolving corporate world. Academic wise, DeVos is admirably well-spoken – he holds an undergrad in Business Administration from the highly renowned Northwood University.

DeVos started handling serious management matters of his family business (Amway Corporation) in 1974. For a decade, he moved from one department to another, holding several leadership positions. Amway’s department that benefited from his effective leadership style includes research and development, finance, manufacturing, sales, as well as marketing. DeVos’ breakthrough at Amway came when he was named one of the VP responsible for managing the firm’s day-to-day operations in 18 countries. Under his exceptional leadership, the global sales grew massively to surpass the national ones. He had the privilege to manage Orlando Magic Basketball Franchise for the duration of three years. He held the position of the president and CEO.

Dick DeVos made a high-status return to Amway Corporation back in 1993 and took up the position of president, which was formerly held by his father. He managed the firm’s daily activities in 50 nations throughout six continents. In his final lap as the head of Amway, it registered sales of about $4.5 million.

Making a difference

Other than an impressive career in the business world, DeVos has been an active participant in numerous community initiatives. He has awarded grants to renowned community organizations and served as a board member of several international foundations. He formed the Education Freedom Fund that allowed over 4,000 underprivileged kids in Michigan to obtain a quality education. He has led the campaign of boosting healthcare infrastructures and equipment in the Grand Rapids Area.

Why Decide on Gooee IoT Lighting

Getting your home automated can be one of the best things that you possibly do as a homeowner. The reason a lot of people are choosing Gooee IoT Lighting for themselves it’s because it saves them a lot of money and enables them to finally have better control over every single light in their house. You will notice that this is something that truly benefit you in many different ways and it is something that you will find incredibly advantageous for the average homeowner. Being able to have better control over every single light that is in your home is something that you will find to be incredibly beneficial and will actually save you a lot of money in the long run.

The reason so many people have chosen Gooee IoT Lighting for their own lighting option is because of the fact that this is something that can save them a ton of money and allow them to finally incorporate the home automation that they need. There has never been a better time for you to consider home automation then right now because it has truly taking the World by storm and it’s a great way for you to save tons of money in the long run because you can actually have better control over the lights in your house.

What Entrepreneurs Can Learn From Malini Saba

Malini Saba as a philanthropist and investor has made major contributions to the field of business and investments in the United States and abroad. Saba began her business career several years ago and is a native of Southern Asia. She started working in the 1990s with multimillion Silicon Valley companies. Over the years, she invested in Sycamore Networks, PayPal, and Netscreen Technologies. Each one of these investments has helped Saba to amass a significant amount of wealth. She also chairs Saban, an internationally recognized investment firm. The company focuses on interests such as the Australian real estate industry and oil and gas production in China.




Saba is passionate about empowering people through philanthropy. To be precise, she launched “Stree: Global Investments in Women” that is a non-profit institution targeting at-risk and poor women and children. The institution was inaugurated by Queen Noor of Jordan and Bill Clinton, former United States President. Stree provides women a means to access legal empowerment and healthcare. Saba contributed $1 million as a donation to the first Heart Research Center for Southern Asians at El Camino Hospital in Mountain View, CA. She also visited the areas affected by the 2004 tsunami in Sri Lanka and India. During her visit, she donated $10 million to the affected people.


Besides charity work and business, Malini Saba cherishes her family and personally takes care of her daughter. This is because she believes that spending time with her daughter helps to build a strong parent-child relationship. Saba has a keen eye for market trends. She uses these patterns to visualize how the business world will be in the next three to five years. Saba has also invested in agriculture and iron ore mines. Her agricultural investments focus on rice production because she believes that the demands of this commodity will never reduce.


Saba is thrilled by the modern commodity market. She categorizes this market as volatile since it brings good returns to investors. According to Malini Saba, for one to succeed in the investment business, one must view potential investment opportunities as a seller and an operator. She believes that most successful investors are not afraid to take risks. Saba encourages budding and established entrepreneurs out there to trust their guts and believe in themselves.


Securus Makes It Possible For Father And Daughter To Do Homework Together

Being incarcerated is difficult. It is even harder for people who have children. They often miss out on seeing their children grow up. Securus understands how hard it is for parents to be away from their children. That is why it has technology solutions that make it easier for parents to stay in touch with their children.

Video visitation makes communication easier and more convenient than ever. An incarcerated father recently got to do homework with his daughter. Not only did the father get to see his daughter do her homework, but he got to learn more about his daughter. He found out that his daughter wanted to be a graphic designer.

An Overview Of Securus Technologies And The Services That They Offer

The company offers video visitation services, phone services and email services. Securus’s headquarters are located in Dallas, Texas. The company has served the corrections industry for the past 30 years.

Securus’s phone service makes it easy for people to control inmate phone calls from anywhere in the country. People can leave secured voicemail messages for their loved ones. The only ones who can access the message are the sender, authorized facility personnel and the inmate.

Securus Video Visitation – Homework from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.

Crystal Hunt’s Path to Fame

Crystal Hunt’s first foray into acting was competing in beauty pageants when she was a toddler. As a child, Hunt appeared in various commercials, including a high-profile spot for The Walt Disney Company and an anti-drug announcement featuring the band *NSYNC.

Hunt really broke out in 2003 when, at age 17, she was cast on the famed soap opera “Guiding Light.” This long-running CBS staple was the perfect launching pad for Crystal’s career, as the angst-ridden teen character she played, Lizzie Spaulding, gave her the chance to fully showcase her range and talent.

In 2005, while still acting on “Guiding Light,” Hunt made the leap to the big screen by appearing opposite Zac Efron in the family-friendly film “The Derby Stallion.” In 2007, after she had left “Guiding Light,” Hunt co-starred with Amanda Bynes in the teen comedy “Sydney White.”

After these film appearances, Crystal returned to television in 2009 as the originator of the character Stacy Morasco on the ABC series “One Life to Live.” Although Hunt only portrayed this character steadily until early 2010, she reprised the role for the series finale in 2012.

Hunt’s next notable role was in the 2013 film “NYC Underground,” in which she appeared alongside actress and real-life best friend Dania Ramirez. The two would go on to produce a horror film together in 2014 entitled “Talbot County,” which was inspired by a true story.

Also in 2014, Hunt appeared in Dylan Baker’s directorial debut, “23 Blast,” another film inspired by a true story, this one about a high school football player who suddenly went completely blind. The next year, Hunt appeared in “Magic Mike XXL,” the much-anticipated 2015 sequel to the 2012 original, “Magic Mike.”

Crystal’s most recent work has been on the scripted POP reality series “Queens of Drama,” which follows former soap stars as they strive to create an original soap opera.