Betsy DeVos and Educational Care

Betsy DeVos isn’t ever going to be someone who has a negative attitude about anything. She’s been a consummate fighter since day one. She’s been a person who has never let setbacks get her down even for a second. People who have witnessed DeVos throughout her education and her career are well-versed in the tenacity she brings to the table. She’s showcased so much about her talents as the Secretary of Education for the United States. President Donald Trump is a politician who had the ability to identify DeVos’ capabilities rapidly. Dick DeVos is a hard-working All-American man who has been married to Betsy for many solid years. Their marital union is so strong that they actually took it upon themselves to set up a charitable group in 1989. They accurately deemed it “The Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation.” The premise behind the group is straightforward. It’s a not-for-profit organization that gives financial resources to all kinds of causes. Examples are poverty and education.


Betsy DeVos constantly has a busy schedule. She regularly flies to locations all around the nation. She flew to Miami, Florida to talk about the charter school system with famed rapper Pitbull. The audience responded well to this discussion as well. DeVos frequently teams up with prominent public figures who share her opinions with regard to all sorts of topics. Although Pitbull is an entertainer, he undoubtedly has a lot in common with her.


Educational choice is something that pushes DeVos to do great work daily. She doesn’t feel comfortable with the lack of control many parents have over their kids’ educational courses. That’s precisely why she spends so much time talking about giving families the power to select schools for their youngest and most impressionable members. DeVos doesn’t limit herself to dialogue about educational choice, either. She has a strong affinity for charter schools and all of their efforts. Her enthusiasm for educational vouchers is basically unrivaled as well. DeVos takes offense at the lack of liberties that are accessible to many students in the United States. She believes that their family members often get the short end of the stick, too. Her educational journey isn’t a solo one in any way. Dick also puts a lot of care into educational matters. He’s the creator of Grand Rapids, Michigan’s West Michigan Aviation Academy. This school is situated at the city’s lively airport.


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Polls Show End Citizens United’s Candidate Is Fighting Back Against Ted Cruz

One of the best-known figures in the Republican Party in 2018 is Senator Ted Cruz, the former Presidential candidate who pushed then-candidate Donald Trump all the way to the Convention prior to conceding defeat in the nomination race. The Senator for Texas is facing a reelection process during the 2018 Midterms in which Democrat Beto O’Rourke has decided to give up his seat in the House of Representatives to face the conservative former Tea Party member in the latest election campaigns the Democrats hope to use to restore their power in Washington.

Beto O’Rourke has now seen his list of endorsements grow with End Citizens United and the League of Conservation Voters Action Fund both giving their support to the Democrat as he faces a struggle to get his message across to voters across Texas. Cruz is the overwhelming favorite for the Senate seat with more than $7 million raised for his campaign compared to just over $4 million by O’Rourke who has seen his own hopes buoyed by the endorsement of End Citizens United which has become one of the main PACs supporting Democrats across the U.S.

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End Citizens United President Tiffany Muller not only named Cruz to her own list of political targets for the 2018 Midterm elections but revealed her traditional PAC has learned a great deal about campaigning over the course of the 2016 election season. Only formed in 2015, End Citizens United used the 2016 Presidential election campaign as a way of testing the theory of its leaders that the U.S. public cared a great deal about the current state of election campaign finance rules changed for the worse in the eyes of Tiffany Muller by the 2010 Citizens United decision of the Supreme Court. The desire to reverse the Supreme Court decision led to the establishment of the PAC and sees Tiffany Muller create a pledge for endorsed candidates not to accept donations from special interest groups or wealthy donors during election campaigns.

One area End Citizens United have identified as being of great importance is that of the growing level of support for campaign financing reform including halting payments such as the $1.3 million Ted Cruz has received over the course of his time in Washington from special interest groups. During the 2016 election season, End Citizens United discovered a traditional Democrat message did not play well with Republican voters but a message based on election financing reform saw a large number switch their vote to Democrat because of one issue alone; as 61 percent of Texans voting did not know the political platform of O’Rourke getting his message of financial reform across is vital as he leaped to the top of the polls with a two percent lead when the Democrat’s views on financial reform were placed front and center.


Betsy DeVos and Tenacity

Betsy DeVos always makes a point to be well mannered and civil in front of members of the public. That in no way means that she’s not the kind of person who doesn’t speak up for herself, though. If she has a political belief, she’s not afraid to voice it to the people in her life. President Donald Trump a while back turned back a federal policy that gave students who were transgendered the chance to be able to go into school restrooms that corresponded with how they view their gender identities. Betsy DeVos appeared to be 100 percent fine with President Trump’s action. People who know her, though, say that she didn’t actually agree with it.


People who have followed DeVos’ actions in past decades know that she’s a person who has plenty of motivation and ambition at all times. They’ve seen her battle it out for school vouchers and charter schools alike. They’ve seen her operate as a chairwoman for the Republican Party in Michigan. They’ve seen her donate to the party as well. These are the people who understand how DeVos’ mind works. They’re also the individuals who tell people that they should never ever brush off her beliefs even for a minute. She’s not a person who ever bows down to others. She communicates her mind. She’s not against being part of a larger team. She, at the same time, is also all about promoting individualism and backing the ideas that bring her to life on a daily basis.


Many people who are part of the political scene in Michigan are in awe of DeVos. Her money has nothing to do with that at all. They’re in awe of her thanks to her tenacity. If she has an objective in sight, she’ll let absolutely nothing get in her way. People know that it isn’t uncommon for others to initially dismiss DeVos. They don’t understand that she’s someone who’s capable of anything and everything. That’s why she often gives people pleasant surprises. Learn more:


DeVos was brought up in the community of Holland in Michigan. It’s located in Western Michigan. Edgar Prince is her father’s name. He was a well-known businessman who created a company that specialized in automotive components. DeVos often had employment with the business. Erik D. Prince is DeVos’ brother. He used to work as Blackwater’s head. This private security company catered to professionals in both Afghanistan and Iraq. This isn’t where DeVos’ family ends, either. Her husband is famed Dick DeVos. His background is also one of true distinction. Dick’s dad was at the helm of a prominent marketing business that’s called Amway. Amway is a name that’s highly familiar to people all around the United States.


Betsy and Dick are two people who put a lot of care into political matters of all kinds. They’re especially ardent about education in the United States. They have lots of questions that pertain to the operations of the educational system in the country. They want to introduce beneficial change.

Betsy DeVos: Creating A Better Life For Others Through Philanthropy And Activism

Betsy DeVos was born Elisabeth Prince in January 1958. Her father was billionaire industrialist Edgar Prince and her mother was Elsa Zwiep Prince. DeVos grew up in Holland, Michigan where she attended the private Holland Christian High School. She earned a BA degree from Calvin College located in Grand Rapids. She was raised in the Christian Reformed Church in North America and went on to join the Mars Hill Bible Church in Grand Rapids where she served as an elder. DeVos is a member of the Republican Party, and she served as chairwoman for the Republican Party in Michigan. She is known for supporting school choice, charter schools, and school voucher programs. Betsy married Dick DeVos Jr., son of Richard DeVos Sr., a co-founder of Amway. She is the current Secretary of Education for the United States. Follow Betsy DeVos on

Betsy and Dick DeVos founded the Windquest Group in 1989. This equity investment firm invests in manufacturing, technology, hospitality, and clean energy. Betsy served as chairman of the Group from 1993 to 2016. The DeVoses are also board members and investors in Neurocore Brain Performance Centers. This company offers testing and treatment for several conditions that include sleep disorders, anxiety, stress, depression, migraines, autism, ADD, and ADHD. The treatment is drug-free and based on science using brainwave analysis. Repetitive positive reinforcement trains your brain to reduce or eliminate symptoms of the disorders. Biofeedback and neurofeedback sessions last about 45 minutes and use the brain’s neuroplasticity or ability to change. Thousands of people have gone through the 90-day program are now able to live normal lives free of medication.

Betsy DeVos is well known for her philanthropy. She served as a vice president of the Prince Foundation also called the Edgar and Elsa Prince Foundation after her parents who created it. The organization supports Christian churches, schools, and other organizations. In 1989, the Dick & Betsy DeVos Family Foundation was created. This organization gives to support 5 areas: community, arts, education, leadership, and justice. The DeVos Foundation gives huge amounts to health research, hospitals, and other organizations. The Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital has a first rate Pediatric Oncology Program known globally. It is named for the mother of Dick DeVos. It really is “All In The Family” when it comes to charitable donations from Betsy DeVos and her family.

President George W. Bush appointed DeVos to the director’s board of the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts. She served there from 2004 to 2010. During that time she donated millions to promote programs at the Center. DeVos is also engaged in education activism. She would like to see the numbers of for-profit charter schools increased so that parents will have increased choice. She also favors school vouchers that allow students to use public funding to attend private schools. Betsy has served on many boards and has been active in many organizations including the Alliance for School Choice, All Children Matter PAC, Advocates for School Choice, American Education Reform Council, Education Freedom Fund, Choices for Children, the Great Lakes Education Project (GLEP), and the American Federation for Children (AFC). The success of children through education is truly an ideal Betsy DeVos believes in. Check this article from New York Post.

George Soros begins His Fight Against Tyrants In Eastern Europe And Expands Across The World

George Soros is a man who has spent a large amount of his life in pursuit of democracy and justice for all, which he has found in many nations through the work of his own Open Society Foundations, according to Discover the Networks. The philanthropic work of George Soros has often been completed in unfashionable areas of the world and in ways that do not bring fame or personal glory to the Holocaust survivor who has now made it his personal mission to protect the basic human rights of people from all corners of the planet; much of the early work of Soros and his Open Society Foundations was completed from the 1970s onward when the Soviet Union kept large swathes of Eastern Europe under Communist rule.

A basic understanding of the problems facing people in Eastern Europe living in closed societies was gained by George Soros through his own life as a young person when his family were forced to hide their Jewish heritage after Nazi forces occupied his home nation of Hungary; George Soros escaped the Holocaust through the ingenuity of his father, but later found himself living under the totalitarian rule of Joseph Stalin’s U.S.S.R. in the years following World War II. Across the world, George Soros has provided financial backing for the majority of Causes that have eventually led to popular uprisings across a large part of Eastern Europe and the Middle East. Visit to know more about George Soros.

The initial backing of resistance groups in Eastern Europe began with George Soros providing his financial support to purchase copying equipment that allowed the initial stages of support to be created through banned materials being distributed among individuals behind the borders of closed societies. Tyrants have been the target of George Soros throughout his time as the leader of the Open Society Foundations, a group he had stepped away from in the early 2000’s to allow a team of influential philanthropic leaders to take control of as Soros also made the choice to step away from the U.S. political scene until 2016.

Politico reports the engagement of Soros in the 21st century was reborn in 2015 when he was allowed an open door to the office of former First Lady Hillary Clinton in the early days of her Presidential campaign. George Soros may believe the U.S. Constitution needs to be fought for on a regular basis, but he also believes the plight of refugees across the planet is more important than ever and even missed the nomination of Clinton and the Democratic National Convention in a bid to remain engaged with the growing refugee crisis facing the European Union in 2016.

End Citizens the Biggest financier For Democrats campaigns in America

End Citizens is an American-based political action committee whose primary goal is to ensure campaigns are not run by how much money a contestant has. The political act committee instead raises money and supports aspirants accounting for all the money spent to ensure transparency. This year alone End Citizens has raised over $4 million, and it has laid down strategies that will help raise more than $35 million this will support the 2018 congress elections. In the concluded US elections the Political Action Committee collected around $25 million. End citizens are becoming more popular at the grass root level, and there is a lot of optimism that the PAC will be able to raise billions of money in future.


This year started in a big way for End Citizens with over 100000 USA citizens donating significantly, 40000 of the donors were contributing for their first time, and the president for the PAC Tiffany Muller applauded their efforts. On average every donor gave $12 and the money received will significantly support the Congress. Every donor is highly regarded by the PAC no matter how much amount of money the donor gives this has encouraged even the people who are willing to donate small amounts of money.


The PAC leadership is mobilizing donors to raise $500000 to support the election of Jon Ossoff a new entrant in the political arena of Georgia. He is 30 years, and his involvement in elective politics has made it clear that the youth too can hold become great leaders. Ossoff has been able to raise $4 million to support an election that is seeking to fill a political position that was left vacant by Tom Price, the former secretary for Health and Human services.


End citizens support democrats’ politics, and they pick the most competent candidate to fund. The PAC is governed by very clear rules this ensures that the PAC is not run by an individual because he makes the largest contributions. If you are contributing as an individual, the PAC cannot accept more than $5000 from you. Large companies, however, are allowed to make higher donations. End citizens are among the most generous donors that the democrat’s political movement has. Despite supporting the campaigns the PAC does not influence the outcome of election whatsoever, if their candidate wins an election, the PAC does not expect the leader to award tenders favorably to a donor. The Republicans over time have campaigned for the abolishment of End Citizens, but their efforts have failed to bear any fruits. End citizens only support candidates who are committed to bringing positive change to the people.