The Chainsmokers’ Steady Climb to the Top

The Chainsmokers, a dynamic EDM duo best known for their chart-topping singles like Don’t Let Me Down and Closer featuring Halsey, was formed in late 2012 and have smashed out hit after hit in the past couple of years. After dropping their debut single #selfie for free back in 2013, Dim Mak Records picked up the song and re-released it a year later, streaming it to Republic Records. The single eventually charted internationally and their style became instantly recognizable. Since then, The Chainmokers’ popularity has been on the rise.

The duo has released multiple singles and has not stopped topping charts with their foolproof formula of catchy, well thought out beats, and famous features. Their most popular releases came one after the other like a seemingly never-ending streak, and have all held spots on top 40 charts. Singles like Something Just Like This featuring Coldplay and Roses featuring Rozes steadily climbed the charts and stayed at the top for weeks after their releases.

Their debut album Memories… Do Not Open is their first full-length title, and is still topping charts a year after its release. Even though the title didn’t stick around too long for the more inclusive Billboard’s 200, it currently holds a No. 1 position on Billboard’s Top Dance/Electronic Albums, making them the third longest running No 1 album on the chart. Memories… Do Not Open is now tied with Gorillaz’s Demon Days for the third-most weeks on the no. 1 position in the chart’s history.

Recently, The Chainsmokers have slowed down on the release of new music, leaving room for other popular artists in the EDM community to step in. Artists like Kygo, and Calvin Harris have debuted at No. 1 with the release of their new material, and Swedish star Avicii has been climbing charts after news of his tragic death a couple of months ago. It seems like the only time the duo is not charting, is when they have not released new music. While it is clear that many talented artists are fighting for those No. 1 spots, every time The Chainsmokers release a single, it never fails to climb to the top.

The Chainsmoker’s New Musical Direction Pays Off

In years past, a new single featuring vocals by one half of a duo wouldn’t be big news, but the new release by The Chainsmokers, “Closer,” is a bit of a game-changer for this highly regarded DJ synth band. “Closer” features Halsey, who is regarded as a real star of the moment in the DJ club world. It also features a vocal track by Andrew Taggart, who is half of The Chainsmokers duo. Taggart has been teaming with Alex Pal in this band since they teamed up after the original duo member left.

Pall recently spoke about the recording and what inspires the band today. Pall and Taggart are close collaborators who are more known as DJs who create epic sound pictures with their electronica pieces. They took a look at their musical motivations a while back, however, and became compelled to put more of themselves in their music, singing and writing lyrics from a more personal place.

Working With Halsey

Pall and Taggart both expressed great enthusiasm for Halsey, with her strong voice and original approach to her songs. Pall calls her a very “unique and original artist,” who has a take on her music that is utterly her own. There’s no question that collaborating with her took the duo to a whole new place musically, and that direction has inspired them to go even further in their live shows.

A White Middle Class Perspective

Taggart had some interesting takes on his own perspective as a song writer. He noted that as a middle class white guy, it was hard for a while to feel that he even had a right to own his own experience and write about it. Finally, however, he and Pall sat down and realized they should just write from their own experience, and have the confidence to know that if they were honest, they would connect with an audience. Today, The Chainsmokers are selling out their shows months in advance, and their connection to their audience is obviously stronger than ever.