Oncotarget: Providing Information To Help Patients, Physicians And Researchers

Accurate results of scientific research and medical practice presented quickly and to as many people as possible can help to reduce sickness and disease. That is the premise behind the peer-reviewed weekly open access medical journal Oncotarget on oncotarget.com. Since 2010 the publication has been sharing news about the results of the latest medical and scientific research. The journal’s primary role is to covers all aspects of oncology. But it is also committed to promoting information on other areas of medical science as well. As a result Oncotarget provides a multidiscipline approach to sharing medical and scientific breakthroughs.

The publication was founded in 2010 by Impact Journals. It’s abstracted and indexed in Scopus, BIOSIS Previews, the Science Citation Index Expanded and Index Medicus/MEDLINE/PubMed. It’s co-editors-in-chief are noted oncologist and college professor Mikhail Blagosklonny and respected cancer researcher Andrei Gudkov of the Roswell Park Cancer Institute. These men have done a remarkable job of providing the public and healthcare researchers and practitioners with the latest breaking news on medical breakthroughs. Oncotarget is making a difference in research circles and the lives of countless patients and their physicians.

At Oncotarget world-renowned contributors submit research results papers for publication on ResearchGate.net. The papers go through an intensive peer-review process and a decision is made on whether or not the information is accurate and should be shared. This process has lead to Oncotarget releasing vital information patients, researchers and healthcare professionals could use to improve the quality of their lives and their work long before any other publication.

Oncotarget is an established, reliable source for oncology information. It also publishes papers on aging and gerotarget, immunology and microbiology, neuropathology and neuroscience, endocrinology, metabolism, cardiology, cell and molecular biology, pharmacology. It also publishes papers on neurodegeneration, atherosclerosis and lymphocytes. The journal also features interviews with the leading researchers, scientists, physicians. Oncotarget has an Impact Factor of over 5.

The international, peer-reviewed journal publishes information on cancer’s pathological basis, therapy targets, and cancer patient treatment management protocols. They also cover management programs’ impact, new therapeutic agents as well as protocols related to patient perspectives on adherence, quality of life and satisfaction. The evidence leading to new and existing therapies are also examined in depth and the results shared. See: http://www.scimagojr.com/journalsearch.php?q=19900191708&tip=sid