Rebel Wilson: Coming Out On Top

Rebel Wilson is on top of Hollywood right now, and it does not appear she will be going anywhere anytime soon. She is here to stay, and her place in Hollywood is only going to grow with time. She just turned 39 on March 2nd, and she has the world at her feet.

The spectacular thing about Rebel Wilson is one never knows what she might do next or what she’s thinking about working on in the future. She is always looking to reinvent herself and keep things interesting and fresh for the audience. She does not want to become stale or boring to her fans.

She has her finger squarely on the pulse of her fans. One of the things that many of her fans admire about her is the fact she has not let fame go to her head and she has stayed humble.

She moved to the United States in 2010 and the minute she was on screen in Bridesmaids, people were wondering who Rebel Wilson was and what she was all about as an actress. Now, people know what to expect from her to a certain degree, but just when the audience thinks they have her figured out, she is going to surprise them with something completely different.

Two examples of that are Cats and Isn’t It Romantic. In Cats, she is going to show off a new side of her that has not yet been on display in the United States. Everyone knows how popular Cats is and what a huge audience it attracts as a musical.  Read more: Isn’t Romantic Trailer – Hollywoodreporter and Isn’t Romantic Review

When it comes to a film version, her role as Jennyanydots is one that is sure to get people talking and one that is sure to be distinctive. The same can be said with her role in the recent film, Isn’t It Romantic, which was she also a producer on as well. In Isn’t Romantic, it is doing for romantic comedies what Scream did for horror films.

It knows that people have seen a lot of romantic comedies and they are familiar with certain characters and certain things to expect as far as the plot and how it is going to unfold. With Isn’t It Romantic, she wants to keep audiences surprised by different choices and also have some winking moments with them. She is not interested in doing just a regular vanilla romantic comedy.

She is also not looking to do a regular vanilla musical. With Rebel Wilson, every single role needs to mean something. People are paying money to see her, and they want to walk away from it feeling like they have seen something that was unexpected, surprising, and of course, very, very funny.

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The Chainsmoker’s New Musical Direction Pays Off

In years past, a new single featuring vocals by one half of a duo wouldn’t be big news, but the new release by The Chainsmokers, “Closer,” is a bit of a game-changer for this highly regarded DJ synth band. “Closer” features Halsey, who is regarded as a real star of the moment in the DJ club world. It also features a vocal track by Andrew Taggart, who is half of The Chainsmokers duo. Taggart has been teaming with Alex Pal in this band since they teamed up after the original duo member left.

Pall recently spoke about the recording and what inspires the band today. Pall and Taggart are close collaborators who are more known as DJs who create epic sound pictures with their electronica pieces. They took a look at their musical motivations a while back, however, and became compelled to put more of themselves in their music, singing and writing lyrics from a more personal place.

Working With Halsey

Pall and Taggart both expressed great enthusiasm for Halsey, with her strong voice and original approach to her songs. Pall calls her a very “unique and original artist,” who has a take on her music that is utterly her own. There’s no question that collaborating with her took the duo to a whole new place musically, and that direction has inspired them to go even further in their live shows.

A White Middle Class Perspective

Taggart had some interesting takes on his own perspective as a song writer. He noted that as a middle class white guy, it was hard for a while to feel that he even had a right to own his own experience and write about it. Finally, however, he and Pall sat down and realized they should just write from their own experience, and have the confidence to know that if they were honest, they would connect with an audience. Today, The Chainsmokers are selling out their shows months in advance, and their connection to their audience is obviously stronger than ever.