Rocketship Education Looks to Respond to NPR Reports

Rocketship Education is a well known charter school network based in San Jose, California. It was founded in 2006 and opened up its first school location a year later in 2007. The charter school was founded to provide an alternative to both public school and private school for elementary school students. Over the years, Rocketship Education has helped low income families provide a quality education for children from disadvantaged backgrounds. During the past few years, the charter school network has expanded to other parts of California and to Washington D.C. Today, the school has up to 1,000 employees that include teachers and administrators. It has been recognized as one of the top charter schools in the United States.

In a recent report, Rocketship Education was revealed to have questionable practices. A source called the NPR recently claimed that the charter school network has been involved in using rigid discipline policies and rituals. The school was also reported to have teachers work very long hours and students attend school for longer hours compared to other charter schools. While this report is a bit unfavorable for the charter school, it has been proven that the NPR’s claims are biased. As a result of this unbalanced report, Rocketship Education has looked to prove that the NPR’s report is not truthful.

During the last several months, Rocketship Education has made an effort to reveal that its practices are not different than other charter schools. It has proven that it has the same discipline polices as other schools of its kind. The school also has its teachers and students spend a normal amount of hours at the educational institution everyday. With this information, Rocketship Education has been able to disprove the reports by the NPR. As a result, all of the unfavorable assessments of the Rocketship Education have proven to be discredited. Therefore, Rocketship Education has been able to preserve its reputation as a leading charter school network. Today, Rocketship Education continues to provide students with the education they need. It has received lots of praise among parents along with being well known for its innovative educational programs.

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ClassDojo’s technological advancement

Technology is has come made life easier for people in the current world. It has led to the advancement of scientific discoveries and has also made it possible for business people to market and sell their products online through online marketing platforms. Technology has not only been useful in business and science but in very many other areas including education. Thanks to education, there are online platforms that have facilitated more learning for both teachers and students. ClassDojo is an app that was founded for the purposes of facilitating communication in the classroom.

The app has also led to the improvement of education by providing a platform for educational videos which provide learners with information that builds up their knowledge. Because of this, it has made learning become more interesting to learners. Another major role that the app has played is facilitating communication not only between learners and the teacher but also between the teacher and the parents. With the exemplary platform provided by the app, a teacher can comfortably communicate with the students’ parents and any report can be quickly passed between the teacher and the learner.

The company has its headquarters located at San Francisco, California. The company started from scratch just like every other company and within few months after its formation, the company had managed to acquire 3.5 million users of the app. ClassDojo soon became popular and became highly appreciated by people. It soon became used in over 30 countries. The company’s greatest step was when it decided to translate the app into many other languages. People from the native societies were able to benefit from the program since they were to understand it in their language.

ClassDojo has provided an interactive platform that has greatly facilitated the sending of messages between teacher and parents directly without having to go through the students. The company has also been successful in raising many funds that have facilitated in making the app become better and adding more features for more effective communication. ClassDojo has facilitated communication between students and this has also greatly helped in the learning process.

GreenSky Credit Thrives Where Other Lenders Fail

Lending and borrowing is a very tough thing to get involved in. For one thing, people have to think through everything before they get a loan. For instance, they have to figure out how they are going to pay back the money they owe so that they don’t become overwhelmed with debt. GreenSky Credit CEO David Zalik has set up a model that makes lending and borrowing a lot easier for people. Some others have commented how there is a lack of tension in the process of lending and borrowing with GreenSky Credit compared to other online lending and general lending methods.

One factor in the success of Greensky Credit is that they are honest. They make sure that what they are offering is perfectly described. This will prevent issues down the line. One other online lending company has caused a bit of a fiasco when it has admitted that there have been differences in what was described and what was actually given in its offer. This caused a lot of harm for every online lending company. However, GreenSky Credit has shown itself to be a really honest and reliable online lending company. Showing themselves to be trustworthy can go a long way in their business success.

GreenSky Credit stands out from the rest of the competition because of the honesty and reliability. It also stands above and beyond when it comes to innovation. Clients are able to use technology to get the loans they need at an efficient rate. GreenSky makes takes a long and drawn out process and makes it more efficient for the client. Another factor that helps GreenSky is that it has banks that provide funds for it. The type of funding it gets from the banks is stable. CEO David Zalik makes a lot of careful decisions when it comes to his online lending company.

Rocketship Education Gives Students the Tools for Success

Rocketship Education is one of the most unique school systems around. Established in 2006, it has revolutionized many things that need a change in education. Kids love to learn, but sometimes we get in their way with rules and restrictions.

Rocketship Education is a non-profit charter elementary school network that locates their learning centers in economically deficient areas. In these locations, a full-fledged public school system is usually very low in quality or non-existent. This is usually due to a tax base that does not exist anymore which creates a severe educational gap. This usually cannot be recouped ever, as the children grow older with an inadequate learning experience.

Rocketship Education has answers to this dilemma and their results prove the point. Studies have shown that Rocketship alumni are much higher in test scores when the students move on to middle school. They are also much better at problem-solving and they have more self-confidence. They are more emotionally and socially skilled as well. The average Rocketship student is ready for graduation a full year before their peers who are attending public schools.

So how do they do it? Rocketship Education gets everyone on board before they even get started in an area. The community, parents, students and everyone else that has a vital interest in the community. Rocketship forms working partnerships with all of these people and once people see the results that Rocketship is achieving in other areas, they are very interested.

At Rocketship Education the whole child is educated with the goal of making that person a valuable citizen in addition to becoming an excellent student. The core values that are instilled in the students at Rocketship are empathy, persistence, responsibility, and respect. Those traits are vital for anyone whether they are a student or a citizen.

Classes are different than the traditional sit in one place all day and listen to a teacher lecture. There are some larger gatherings to go over general principles, but learning takes place mostly in small group settings, digital workstations, and individual tutoring sessions.

Rocketship is a fun and exciting place to go to school and the Rocketeers (as the students are called) are educated in a manner that will propel them on to higher learning plateaus as they progress through their educational experience.

Rocketship Education is The New and Exciting Way to Receive an Education

Rocketship Education is a non-profit charter school system that starts elementary schools in low-income areas. In most of these proximities, a tax base is non-existent or very low, and the lack of public funds makes it nearly impossible for the community to afford quality education for the children living in that area.

This is where Rocketship Education comes in. They believe that each child has unbounded potential and if unlocked, that potential can mean huge differences for that child in the future. Education is presented in an exciting and engaging way so that children become excited about learning. In other words, they learn how to learn.

A key to the success of Rocketship Education is the partnerships that are created with the community, the parents, the expert instructors, and the students. The parental partnership is especially important because when a parent is “all in” about their child doing well, it makes all of the difference in the world to the student.

Rocketship results are astounding, as studies have shown that Rocketship students are ready for graduation a full year ahead of their peers who attend public schools. Alums of Rocketship schools who go on to middle school have been found to be way ahead of their peers as well. Their social and learning skills, for example, are way ahead of their public school peers. Their confidence levels are very high as well, studies show.

Utilizing the best of technology, small groups, and personal tutoring, Rocketship Education teachers utilize different methods to empower students to take command of their own educational process. In addition to rigorous math, science, reading, and social studies, students also are involved with art, dance, music, cooking, and gardening. The emphasis is not only to master the basic courses that are necessary, but the students are allowed to branch out into some interesting life courses.

The four traits of responsibility, respect, persistence, and empathy are ingrained into the program so children understand that these are traits that not only good students have, but good citizens possess as well. It is important for students to understand themselves as well as others in the environment around them.