Talkspace The Need to Create Awareness about Depression and Mental Disorders

Depression is a mental illness, but many people still don’t consider it to be that. There are many people who believe that if one wants they can just snap out of it, but nothing of it is true. Depression is a condition that can affect anyone irrespective of the age, sex, religion, profession or anything else. Also, the social stigma attached to depression does not seem to die down. Even though people are aware of depression, most of them do not have the symptoms to identify it. They believe that it is just a feeling of sadness that they will get over with, but it keeps on prolonging and mostly getting worse. There is a need to make people aware of the symptoms of depression so that it can be identified and treated for. One of the best treatments for depression is to see a therapist.

While it may sound easy, most people do not see a therapist when they are feeling sad or depressed. The reason is that they do not want anyone else to find out about it. They do not want to be judged by anyone, especially their own family. It is the reason Talkspace, an online therapy company, is doing its best to make people more aware of depression and how therapy can help them. Those, who’s insurance do not cover therapy, cannot afford the high cost of traditional therapy. Thus, online therapy is another alternative that works just the way traditional therapy does in addition to many more advantages that it has to offer.

Talkspace recently started a TV campaign to reach out to people who are not aware of how online therapy can help them. Michael Phelps has decided to be a part of the campaign as he knows what depression feels like and how hard it can be on people. He wishes that he can reach out to as many people as possible so that he can let them know that depression is not something that can be just get ridden of. It needs therapy and the support of the loved ones so that depression does not get worse and force them to take any wrong step.