Wild Ark, Saving the Planet Never Felt So Good

Eco-conscious and conservation-centered vacations are a great idea. The concept protects wildlands and wild species, and at the same time provides families and adventure seekers with a vacation that is exciting and easy on the conscience. It provides conservationists with a source of capital from someone who is enjoying the expenditure, instead of tax payers or philanthropists who do not get to enjoy the fruits of their labor. In addition, it creates awareness for the endangered wildland as the vacationers return home with exciting, and sympathetic, stories.


According to Forbes.com contributor Ann Abel, conservation centered vacations and experiences are more than luxury hotels on the edge of civilization that recommend guests reuse sheets and towels. These destinations are real wildlands and reserves and they are operated by real conservationists whose first business is protection and sustainability.


However, despite the eco-conscious conservation focus, Abel also indicated that these vacations are more than just saving the world.


Wild Ark travel destinations provide great examples of this. Wild Ark provides sustainable eco-conscious and conservation centered destinations and vacations, as well as research opportunities for students and journalists. According to Wildark.com, their vision is to protect the world’s wild places, and their mission is to secure biodiverse wildlands, “while creating research and experience opportunities for people to reconnect with nature and to become inspired to protect it.”


Wild Ark’s exciting destinations include 28-day African Trail Guide experiences in South Africa or Botswana, fly fishing at the Alaska Sportsman’s Lodge at Bristol Bay, Bespoke African Safaris with African Born, 14-day EcoQuest Wilderness Experience in South Africa, Birding in the Bush Experience, Londolozi Game Reserve and Watamu Bay Sea Turtle Experience and more.


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