Kisling Nestico & Redick Helps Needy Families During Spring Break

The economy may be booming again, but many families have yet to regain their footing and are in dire need of help. The law firm of Kisling Nestico & Redick recognizes this, which is why the firm has made philanthropic efforts the cornerstone of their community involvement.

Kisling Nestico & Redick which serves northern Ohio, decided to give the students and families of Greenbriar Middle School a helping hand. It is easy to forget how difficult Spring Break can be for struggling families, since they have additional food expenses. Thanks to the efforts of Kisling Nestico & Redick 60 families will receive bags of food essentials, such as bread and fresh fruit. The donation is part of KNR Cares About Kids, a campaign focusing the firm’s philanthropic efforts on youth this year.

According to the managing partner of Kisling Nestico & Redick many kids don’t get their much-deserved chance to relax during Spring Break because their parents are stressed about having enough food to feed their children. The school’s principal, Jill Schissler, added that the donation was more than she had expected and that she was overwhelmed by the gesture of kindness. She said that the bags of perishable and non-perishable foods will be a great help to needy families in the community.

Food insecurity in northern Ohio is a major concern for Kisling Nestico & Redick. In February, team members at the law firm participated in the 16th Annual Portage Lakes Polar Bear Jump. At the event, participants plunged into an icy lake to raise money for the Akron-Canton Regional Foodbank. In 2018, the firm raised $25,000 for the food bank, a major achievement for Kisling Nestico & Redick. The event is also part of the KNR Cares About Kids program, which seeks to help Ohio youth reach their full potential.

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Stream Energy Cares About Texas

The philanthropy efforts that companies make impact millions of people around the world. Stream Energy takes their company’s causes very seriously which is why they created Stream Cares to organize all of their many efforts across Texas. When Hurricane Harvey hit Texas, they immediately stood up to help those who had been impacted by the storm. On Houston, Hurricane Harvey left Houston neighborhoods soaked in up to 56″ of rain that displaced families across the state.

While there were many companies that came out with their support, the efforts that the Dallas-based company Stream Energy made to help stood out. Many of the people who were impacted by Hurricane Harvey were also customers of Stream and they ensured them that they did not have to worry about their energy bill. Even though many people were left without the ability to pay, their power still stayed on throughout these neighborhoods in Texas who were left devastated.

In addition to helping their customers with their energy bill, Stream Energy also provided a considerable amount of funding for the recovery efforts being made. While providing money for the recovery had a deep impact, many members of the team at Stream went to these affected areas and physically helped with the cleanup and rebuilding of homes and neighborhoods. Caring for their communities is something that is part of the makeup of the company and their staff.

After Hurricane Harvey, Stream Energy was inspired to make their philanthropy more formalized with the Stream Cares Foundation so they can make a bigger impact on people in need. They are giving back more than just money to their communities and philanthropy has become a huge part of their brand overall. Philanthropy is something that they have been taking part in for more than 12 years.

Some of the organizations in which Stream Energy continues to work with include the Red Cross and Habitat for Humanity. There has been a huge increase in the rate of homelessness throughout Texas and especially in and around bigger cities. Their team cares deeply about helping with this problem and volunteer frequently.

Michael Lacey And Jim Larkin Are In Disbelief Over President Trump’s Pardoning Of Joe Arpaio

It was during the late evening on an October night in 2007 when, then, Sheriff Joe Arpaio sent the Maricopa County Selective Enforcement Unit to illegally detain Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin.

Arpaio’s agents dragged both men out of their homes in handcuffs and placed them in unmarked SUVs. They then took Lacey and Larkin to two separate jails that were ran by Arpaio and held them until the next day. They would have held them longer, but a national outcry had placed the spotlight on the event and forced Arapio to release them.

This wasn’t the first time that Joe Arpaio had done something illegal in Maricopa County. In fact, in wasn’t even close to the first time. The entire reason for the arrests of Lacey and Larkin had to do with them reporting on Arpaio’s spread of other crimes he had been committing for many years.

While some were ignorant or willfully ignorant, many were well aware of the fact that Arpaio had been profiling Latinos and abusing them in his Tent City prison.

One of the most horrible crimes that occurred under Arpaio’s watch was when a pregnant immigrant was forced to give birth while being shackled to a bed in the overwhelmingly hot conditions of a prison ran by Arpaio.

This is just part of the reason that many people were distressed when president Trump decided to pardon Joe Arpaio. Instead of finally facing up to his crimes, he was pardoned of them, and now, justice will not be served.

Lacey and Larkin had already won a court decision against Arpaio and Maricopa County, which led to them being paid an amount of $3.7 million.

Being selfless individuals, they took the money and formed the Frontera Fund with it, which is an organization that supports pro-Latino organizations who just want to see the abuse stopped.

While Joe Arpaio was in office, many Latinos suffered needlessly, but no one thought he would escape facing punishment for his crimes against humanity. Many people attribute his pardoning to the fact that he had purposefully supported Trump when others were not.

This has been seen as a calculated move by a calculated man who has flaunted the law many times to serve his own ego and mission to punish Latinos. Read more: Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey Make The List of Civil Rights Protectors | Philly Purge and Village Voice Media | Wikipedia

One thing is for sure, and this is that more people have become aware of what this man has done, and while president Trump found reasons to pardon him, many others are left with the damage that has been done to them by Arpaio.