What Rebel Wilson Explores In Isn’t It Romantic

In the got comedy arena Rebel Wilson is doing her job. She has the ability to bring laughter to fans, and “Isn’t It Romantic” will give her the recognition that she deserves in 2019. It is a film about a cynical romantic comedy movie lover that is not actually not a believer in these films. As a child she embraced films like “Pretty Woman,” and her character Natalie – played as an adult by Rebel Wilson – has a startling revelation.

The childhood Natalie has an enlightenment moment by a declaration from her mother. The young Natalie is told by her mother that these characters in romantic comedies are not the happily-ever-after plus size girls. Read more: Rebel Wilson Reveals Character – Isnt Romantic and Isn’t It Romantic Trailer

Once the child grows up into the adult character that is played loud Rebel Wilson her vision is totally cynical about romance. She has no tolerance for any of this, and she believes that her real life is simply a version of what happens in romance films.


She feels that pretty slim girls get the man while plus sized women are left to fend for themselves. This is the type of reality that passes for real life, and this brings her to a point where she is reluctant on the possibility of getting into a relationship.

Now we become someone that does not even want to try. This is something that Rebel Wilson does quite well. She is easy believable as a cynic, and it makes her character relatable because there are many plus sized women that are also not feeling the romantic comedy genre and all the other elements that come with it.

When Rebel Wilson’s character gets stuck into a world that is nothing more than blueprint type romantic comedy by way of her an accident it leaves her coming out of the hospital rather dumbfounded. She has been swallowed by a romantic comedy and the world around her sees to difficult to navigate.

She knows what to expect, but she doesn’t believe that it is the world that she is supposed to be part of. She finds herself unable to get out of this world so she plans to do what it takes to change the world that she knows in the romantic comedy genre. She gives the rom com movie her own twist as the character Natalie believes it should be.

Many of her fans will cheer and scream and laughter as they look at Rebel Wilson navigating her way through a romantic comedy even as a cynical person that does not believe in any of this. She has many avenues to explore when it comes to the rich gentleman that is sweeping her off her feet.

She sees the impromptu flash mobs that take to the streets. They’re all part of the element that she sees in a romantic comedy that she cannot get out of. Eventually Rebel Wilson stops fighting it and looks for the ways to embrace it in her own way. The laughs keep coming as she spices things up.

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The Outstanding Career of Rebel Wilson

Rebel Wilson is among the most successful career women of all time. She has inspired many women through her major achievements in her career. She started at a low note as a shy little girl. Though she engaged well with her siblings, Rebel was always shy to take up roles that exposed her and those that involved facing the public.

Her mother noted her character, and she was overly determined towards helping her overcome her fears. Her first appearance and participation in a public concert were scary to her, and it made her feel weird, not until she met her high school favorite teacher Mrs. Bowmaker.

The teacher encouraged her to be bold and confident in whatever she did, and this changed her life.

She has since then grown to be a successful actress, entrepreneur, and filmmaker. She first gained fame when she acted the Bridesmaids, where she worked together with Matt Lucas. Her career is the real definition of a successful one, and she has since then continued to offer stunning content that has boosted her career.

In her recent production, Rebel took time to compose the upcoming Isn’t It Romantic movie. The movie entails many scenes of romance with her acting as a woman in love only to find herself trapped in a romantic comedy. The movie is already gaining a lot of fame, and it has also contributed to the building of the career of Rebel Wilson.

The educational background of the renowned actress has also enabled her focus on her career through which she has employed the learned skills to improve it. She studied at the University of South Wales where she acquired a degree in law and theatre.

Rebel Wilson also engages other interested individuals in everything she does with the target of helping them acquire her skills. Besides, she is also a fast learner, and she has always striven to acquire skills from others.

Through her advocate and advice she shares with them, she has enabled them to build their empires. She also shows interest and passion in everything she does and her confidence has also profoundly contributed to the strong empire she has built in her career.

Through her versatile character, she has successfully adopted every change that comes her way. Read more: Rebel Wilson Isn’t it Romantic First Book and  Rebel Wilson Joins Cats Movie Musical

Her ability to research the trends that emerge in the market has also enabled her to successfully tackle the numerous tasks that she handles in her profession. Being a dedicated actress, she has also acted in a vast number of movies, and she continues to diversify her skills.

Comedy is her thing, and as a result, she seeks to bring smiles on the faces of her fans regardless of the situations they could be going through. Additionally, she has gained fame as one of the most influential actresses of all time, and as a result, she has also been honored with a vast number of awards including the MTV VMA awards. She has also won many other awards, and many people look up to her as their role model.