Article Title: Steve Ritchie, Leading with Empathy

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About Papa John’s

Papa John’s International is one of the largest pizza companies in the world. It is spread over 48 countries and employs more than 120,000 people. Following the size of the company, challenges are inevitable.

Enter Steve Ritchie

One recent challenge has quite tried and tested Steve Ritchie’s leadership skills. Steve Ritchie is Papa John’s chief executive officer as well as its president. He has been at the company for over two decades and has held various positions there. Steve Ritchie is also a franchisee of the company. Therefore, no one is more suitable than him to handle company matters.

Steve Ritchie’s Letter to Customers

In a letter to the millions of Papa John’s customers, Steve Ritchie assured them of the company’s values and stand concerning racial matters. He expressed a heartfelt apology to the customers and outlined the measures that were to be taken by the company in remedying the issues that had arisen. His words clearly depicted an empathy that has got people talking. Indeed, the letter, that reached the customers via subscription promotional mail has quelled the outrage that had ensued among the customers.

Steve Ritchie was also quick to affirm the company’s customer service policy, one of putting the customer first. He promises a transparent and accountable process in seeking solutions for the challenges facing Papa John’s. This gives the customers a sense of belonging and inclusion in the company.

Other solutions offered by CEO Ritchie include the commitment of Papa John’s senior management to listen to customers’ inputs moving forward. The company will also bring in professionals to audit the company’s practices to weed out any undesirable traits.

Steve Ritchie is a reasonable individual. In his letter, he recognizes that it would indeed take time to win back customer trust, but with strategic hard work and himself at the helm of it, the company could do it.

It is Steve Ritchie’s empathic and strategic leadership that continues to make Papa John’s a thriving company despite challenges that arise.

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