My Boss At Neurocore Stole My Idea and Passed It Off As His Own. What Am I Supposed To Do?

It is one thing to take credit for someone’s work or idea. It is another thing to steal the idea flat out. Someone at Neuroscore may have done that to you. You worked for several weeks on an account only to have your boss steal it. How do you handle the situation without causing any issues? Learn more about Neurocore at Crunchbase.

1) You should first begin to evaluate the situation. Sometimes situations get exaggerated in our minds. Your boss might not give you credit right away, but that does not mean he will not later. Wait to see if that happens. Did your boss at Neuroscore give you the credit, albeit delayed? Then it is just an assumption. Did the opposite happen? You have a problem then. I doubt your boss at Neuroscore is going to give you the credit after a week or so. That is the time when you need to talk to someone about the situation. Try going to HR at Neuroscore.

Looking for tips on how to talk to someone at HR?

2) Find someone at Neurocore to talk to. Find a friend or someone you trust. They may have some suggestions. A second opinion on a situation like that is a good thing. It helps to take yourself out of the problem and see another way of looking at it. Your friend might have had the same thing happen too.

3) Did someone see what happened? A witness is always a good thing to have. Sometimes a case like that is hard to prove without some kind of proof. An eyewitness is a good start. Find a place to talk. Ask them what they saw. Ask them how they viewed the situation.

4) You could also try speaking to the boss directly. I mentioned that in another article, but it is an option. They might be able to justify why they did what they did. Wait until you are calm and rational to speak with them. Going into your boss’s office when you are angry may not work out well. Read more about Neurocore at