“Marc Beer to guide LumeNXT as the board chairman “

LumeNXT is a new med-tech startup that is developing proprietary illumination technology. This technology is being used in making minimally invasive surgeries. With a promising technology, LumeNXT is expected to become a great med-tech company in coming days. They have now hired the services of Marc Beer, a notable name in the industry who has helped several startups to get global recognition as well as profitability in a very short time. What the company needs right now is an experienced leader who can guide its operations going forward. There is no better person to help the company than Marc Beer. He has been appointed the chairman of the board of LumeNXT, and now will guide the company as it targets to introduce a product line that will make it easier to perform surgeries with minimally invasive procedures.

LumeNXT was impressed by the track record of Marc Beer. He has managed to start and grow startups within a very short time. It is such track record that impressed LumeNXT who saw him as the best person to lead the company. He has been in similar situations many times and in all, he has come out victorious. Marc Beer is impressed by the illumination technology coming from this company because it will bring great efficiency and precision into the medical industry. The fact that visibility is enhanced makes it possible for doctors to perform minimally invasive procedures with far much better accuracy.

Marc Beer has over 25 years of experience in different fields of the healthcare industry. He has worked in pharmaceuticals, diagnostics, devices, biotechnology, and others. He has seen how startups come and collapse after a short time and have learned how to build strong businesses. It is very hard for medical startups to succeed, but Marc Beer has record success with all the startups he has guided.

Marc Beer at Renovia

Marc Beer is the co-founder and current CEO of Renovia Inc., a medtech startup based in Boston. He started this startup in 2016 and has since made significant efforts towards making it one of the best companies in the medical sector. Renovia is developing solutions for women affected by pelvic floor disorders. These are challenges that affect over 250 million women around the world. Learn more: https://www.linkedin.com/in/marcbeerRenovia Inc. has done pretty well as a company in the past two years. It has attracted leading investors in the healthcare industry such as the Longwood Fund. Investors see the idea as one that will succeed in the long run since we are in a baby boomer period where cases of pelvic floor disorders will continue to increase. LumeNXT is hoping to benefit from the exceptional leadership skills that Marc Beer possesses also to have a brighter future.

Marc Beer’s brilliance in the healthcare industry in a giant leap forward for women with pelvic floor disorders

A start-up company by the name of Renovia Inc. will be moving forward after closing a $32 million dollar deal with several new products for pelvic floor disorders. This new business deal also included a venture debt for $10 million dollars. This start-up company was co-founded by Marc Beer, a former Aegerion Pharmaceuticals CEO.


This med-tech company is based out of Boston. This company is developing a variety of therapeutic and diagnostic products to treat things such as urinary incontinence, a pelvic floor disorder that affects 250 million women globally. Leva was the Renovia Company’s first products. This product received FDA approval in the month of April.

A healthcare-focused investing firm that invested early on in the start-up company was the Longwood Fund. The Longwood Fund and Series B round was joined by the Missouri-Based Ascension Venture and the New York Based Perceptive Advisors. Their financial support with this business venture will go towards testing and developing several more diagnostic and therapeutic products, a new Leva product will be included.


Marc Beer stated that by combing proprietary and innovative form factors and sensor technologies with a healthcare digital platform would give their clients and/or customers valuable information to advise new options for treatments, understanding pelvic floor disorders, ultimately lower long-term costs for healthcare and drive greater knowledge. Beer stated that he and the company are thrilled with this leading healthcare investor group’s assistance that actually share their mission to treat, better diagnose and actually improve the millions off women’s lives who are affected with the disorders of the pelvic floor.


A response was not given by the company regarding its pipeline of products or its investments.


Marc Beer’s first business venture is Renovia since leaving Aegerion in the year of 2015. Beer brings over 25 years of commercialization and development in pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, diagnostics and devices. Beer and Ramon Iglesias MD as well as Yolanda Lorie founded Renovia in August 2016. All three successfully obtained financing for the closure of Series A with venture leading healthcare capital funds.


OvaScience (Nasdaq: OVAS) also has Beer serve as a strategic consultant. A business merger will also be taking place between Michigan-based Millendo Therapeutics and Waltham Biotech.

Learn more: https://renoviainc.com/