Article Title: What does Bhanu Choudhrie have to say about his journey to success?

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Bhanu Choudhrie was born in Delhil in India. He studied at the University of Boston in the US where he acquired a degree in International Business and Marketing. He later moved to London. He became the executive director at C&C Alpha Group Ltd from 2001. In 2008, Asian Voice Political and Public Life Awards recognized him as the Entrepreneur of the year. Alpha group has many investments. During an interview with This is Money, he speaks about his great passion for the opportunity, Alpha investments as well as the top tips that first-time entrepreneurs would possibly need.

He says that it was the big opportunity with many businesses and ventures he saw in London that made him relocate there despite having done his internship in the US. Bhanu Choudhrie was fascinated by the award he worn considering the fact that it was an Asian award. He sees the opportunity to learn, meet people and develop businesses in a country where he wasn’t born as a great achievement. He says that the award got him by surprise. Read more on

Bhanu Choudhrie thinks that Real Estate is exciting. He takes pleasure in meeting new people during different events. He can interact with a lot of people in the healthcare industry that is controlled and regulated in the UK. He has opened various healthcare centers as well as restaurants. Among the things that he enjoys doing during the interaction with people is listening to what they have to say.

Everyone in the business industry knows that taking risk is part of being successful. Bhanu Choudhrie says that he took various risks that have turned successful than he expected. An example is an airline in India that started with one plane but later grew to have 200 flights in one day.

Bhanu Choudhrie has invested in Bollywood production where he launched a company that is going to filming distribution. He says that India has a lot of talent. Currently, he is working with Anup Jalota a famous Indian singer. His success relies on the ability to support and work with the managing teams, CEOs as well professionals who run businesses every day.


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Rebel Wilson: Coming Out On Top

Rebel Wilson is on top of Hollywood right now, and it does not appear she will be going anywhere anytime soon. She is here to stay, and her place in Hollywood is only going to grow with time. She just turned 39 on March 2nd, and she has the world at her feet.

The spectacular thing about Rebel Wilson is one never knows what she might do next or what she’s thinking about working on in the future. She is always looking to reinvent herself and keep things interesting and fresh for the audience. She does not want to become stale or boring to her fans.

She has her finger squarely on the pulse of her fans. One of the things that many of her fans admire about her is the fact she has not let fame go to her head and she has stayed humble.

She moved to the United States in 2010 and the minute she was on screen in Bridesmaids, people were wondering who Rebel Wilson was and what she was all about as an actress. Now, people know what to expect from her to a certain degree, but just when the audience thinks they have her figured out, she is going to surprise them with something completely different.

Two examples of that are Cats and Isn’t It Romantic. In Cats, she is going to show off a new side of her that has not yet been on display in the United States. Everyone knows how popular Cats is and what a huge audience it attracts as a musical.  Read more: Isn’t Romantic Trailer – Hollywoodreporter and Isn’t Romantic Review

When it comes to a film version, her role as Jennyanydots is one that is sure to get people talking and one that is sure to be distinctive. The same can be said with her role in the recent film, Isn’t It Romantic, which was she also a producer on as well. In Isn’t Romantic, it is doing for romantic comedies what Scream did for horror films.

It knows that people have seen a lot of romantic comedies and they are familiar with certain characters and certain things to expect as far as the plot and how it is going to unfold. With Isn’t It Romantic, she wants to keep audiences surprised by different choices and also have some winking moments with them. She is not interested in doing just a regular vanilla romantic comedy.

She is also not looking to do a regular vanilla musical. With Rebel Wilson, every single role needs to mean something. People are paying money to see her, and they want to walk away from it feeling like they have seen something that was unexpected, surprising, and of course, very, very funny.

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How Serge Belamant Has Channeled His Path to Success through Innovation

Serge Belamant is probably one of the most innovative people in the world. He has been involved in some of the innovative projects that have touched on the life of people in various dimensions. He is precisely known for the role he played in the innovation of blockchain technology, which is an innovation that allows people to conduct transactions through digital currencies. Besides the success achieved in providing secure and reliable transactions, Serge has been involved in other innovative ideas throughout his career.

After dropping out from the University of South Africa where he was pursuing computer science, Belamant started working with Council for Scientific and Industrial Research where he was explicitly set out to develop sophisticated computer models for various projects. His skills continue to attract positive reviews, and he was finally put in charge of the computer section in Pretoria for the same organization. His skills allowed him to be given the mandate to handle most of the road projects in Pretoria and Witwatersrand. View Serge Belamant’s profile at Linkedin.

Serge Belamant has some background in engineering, which was a clear indication that he was also able to handle some few technical aspects related to roads and constructions. However, his skills were tested in creating graphics interfaces, statistical methods, and digital mapping. All these are vital computer skills that are very useful in the construction of any major road or rail project around the country and in the world at large. This allowed Serge to be one of the most respected people in the council and cement his position as an influential persona.

Due to his skills and competence, Serge Belamant got an opportunity to work at the National Grid System, ESKOM, was explicitly supposed to handle all issues associated with data and analysis. He assumed the position of the Head of Analyst and Data Control. It is during this period that Serge developed the first scientifically based financial system that was designed with the sole purpose of data control.

While working for ESKOM, Serge Belamant was also able to develop the VIB network, which was later purchased and commercialized by Volkskas. It is through skills, knowledge, and expertise that allowed Serge Belamant to move to risk assessment and analysis sector later in life.

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It Takes A Team At New Residential Investment Corp

When you run a business, you are typically the overseer of every part of the operation. As a small business, there is really no need to have a large group of people to manage the day to day operations. However, as your business grows, you may find that it becomes a necessity to put together a team of people who are experts in the different parts of your operation. Mike Nierenberg knew this when he started out working on New Residential Investment Corp. He wanted the firm to grow as quickly as it could and knew that in order to be able to do that, he would have to have a team of people who had the experience working in the field of mortgage backed securities.

With that in mind, Mike began seeking out the best people he could put in place and have manage the funds that he would be generating. He began by seeking out experts in the field of real estate who knew how to go about purchasing mortgages at reduced interest rates. Once he had this part of his team together, he needed others who would be able to manage the cash flow of his now expanding business. New Residential Investment Corp now has the best of the best in each of these fields and they have proven time and again just how good they are at their jobs. New Residential Investment Corp began by using funds that were secured by investors in their business. They purchased properties that were in danger of failing and they were able to turn them around into profitable assets.

After a very short period of time, there was enough cash flow for the company to stand on its own and begin making purchases using the monies that were coming in from their portfolio of properties. While still maintaining a small amount of investors, New Residential Investment Corp has now moved into the more profitable commercial real estate market. Small shopping areas have been purchased and refurbished to bring in more capital. With the leadership team that is working at New Residential Investment Corp, the company expects that their growth will continue over the next several years and they are planning on many other investment types. Condo communities and other buildings are in their sights as of now and they are hoping that several of them will be closing within the next few months. Learn More.

The Way Hiring Media Outreach Services Can Assist During a PR Crisis

PR firms or PR store firms are in control of media preparation, advertising and marketing, media outreach and also a few other communications of any kind of service enterprise. Throughout any type of public relations disaster, acquiring a PR solution makes certain that the issue can be addressed appropriately by mitigating the damages and also keeping the company’s brand photo.

If you do not need to shed your firm over a catastrophe, search media outreach services which might aid you during those essential times. A Public Relations firm manages your PR emergency administration, and also aids you with:

1. Approving the responsibility for the issue.

Whenever your organization comes across a web reaction or bad testimonials which have actually risen to a substantial trouble, do not conceal. Rather, address it promptly to reduce the harm.

Merely take duty for your concern, based on Forbes.

Immediately address all worries about your company. Do not argue with anyone.

See to it that you speak about it to your social networking pages. This develops the impact that you get on top of this circumstance. When you talk about the upgrades with the general public, they maintain their confidence as you maintain your trustworthiness regardless of the issues.

2. Beat the top of this story.

As a brand-new brand, you want to prove you might look after the circumstance. To be able to stop the scenario by blowing up, do anything you want to do.

If you’re the head of state or the Chief Executive Officer of an organization, immediately publish an apology, either communications or anything is needed. Be applicable, behave as quickly as feasible.

3. Continue beyond specifying sorry.

Issuing a declaration which mentions” I will look at what” is not the answer that individuals wish to speak with you.

As an example, let them recognize that you’re altering plans and regulations.

It counts a whole lot before your faithful customers avert from their brand name.

4. To be responsible as well as transparent.

In the world of their social media sites, it’s essential to obtain credibility monitoring to guard a brand name’s credibility. Throughout a crisis, manufacturers have to stay transparent, responsible as well as aggressive. That is to say; they should certainly discover exactly how to confess, accept the duty as well as apologize.

5. Get ready for social networking strikes.

Regrettably, some small services overlook this actuality.

Also you aren’t energetic on the social internet sites, do not really feel the issue can not go viral. Be sure you prepare utilizing a PR service regarding just how it is feasible to deal with these situations. Prepare a method and alter it when required.

6. Crisis Administration Public Relations

When a brand-new comes under attack, it’s extremely hard to limit their credibility online. Their authenticity for a brand might be spoiled in a minute whenever these things occur.

They’re skilled as well as certified in securing versus assaults as well as safeguarding the picture of brands or individuals.

They might help in the way you have the ability to develop strategies to deal with the worst instance circumstances during an assault. When you discover the assistance of PR firms, they can aid you in restoring your picture promptly adhering to an occurrence.

As an instance, if your company ended up being a headline due to a commercial mishap which claimed several lives, a Public Relations company can help by promoting national and neighborhood interviews. On the other hand, the method isn’t to consume everything and not do anything.

A PR agency can suggest that you release, press release service to handle the issue. You will certainly approve interviews with the media to be able to clean out points.

Performing immediately can clean up an individual along with the brand’s standing. A great PR monitoring can ensure you might stand up to throughout a catastrophe.

Article Title: Zeco Auriemo: Chief Executive, JHSF

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Popularly known as Zeco, Jose Auriemo rose to the position of president of JHSF, his family company, when he was only 30 years. It was an achievement that put him in a coveted spot and established him as one of the youngest leaders in Brazil’s corporate arena. His rise to the position of the president was possible since he had worked at JHSF since his adolescence hence was familiar with all the intricacies of the company.


Zeco Auriemo enrolled for an engineering degree at the University of Sao Paulo. He joined the faculty of engineering at only 17 and was already passionate about pursuing a degree in the career he loved. Although he was passionate about engineering, he made an about turn and decided to join his father in the family businesses.

Projects Carried out by JHSF

JHSF has managed to build a strong reputation as one of the leading real estate developers in Brazil. The company has worked on various projects both in the country’s capital as well as in Sao Paulo. Zeco Auriemo has managed to expand the company’s footprints and make forays into new markets. For instance, JHSF has undertaken projects in Manaus, Salvador, and Uruguay.

The firm is reputed for developing luxury condominiums around South America. To add to its list of accolades, they have also put up several shopping centers such as Shopping Metrô Santa Cruz and Shopping Metrô Tucuruvi. Apart from commercial projects, the JHSF has also invested heavily in high-end residential estates under the leadership of Zeco Auriemo. Zeco, through sheer determination, was able to marshal the company’s resources to put up Parque Cidade Jardim, a luxury gated community.

Zeco Auriemo also adheres to a healthy work-life balance. He makes sure that he spends quality time with his children and when with extra time, he loves playing golf in Brazil’s golf clubs.

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Bronxcare Health Systems, Chairman, Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum

Dr. Ira Kirshenbaum, Chairman at Bronxcare Health System, is an orthopedic surgeon by profession. His expertise as an orthopedic surgeon is notably unique due to his skills as a surgeon as well as an entrepreneur.

As a surgeon, Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum has applied his in depth entrepreneurial skills, corporate and non-profit experience to operations as a leader, using information technology, processing engineering, and innovative designs. Dr. Kirschenbaum has incorporated his talents in strategy execution, translation of complex data, information and ideas to offer advice, and educate key stakeholders in the medical healthcare industry.

Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum at Bronxcare Health System

He is the chairman at Bronxcare Health System since February 2008. The orthopedic department benefited greatly from his expertise as a surgeon and strategic planner. He has developed an entirely urban environment in the hospital, grown surgical services efficiency and enhanced outpatient service delivery system. With the greater New York having an approximate of 1.4 million patients expecting healthcare services, Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum developed a sustainable infrastructure and efficient structure of the organization to deliver the best care to patients.

His efforts have been recognized through awards and a recent patent for his innovative healthcare solutions, successful solutions, and services. Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum has published papers on the orthopedic field and is also a frequent public speaker, at international conferences and symposiums. His strengths lie in his characteristic ability to develop sustainable solutions, incorporate information technology and innovations in the development of successful healthcare delivery system.

Dr. Kirschenbaum’s experience

Before his position at Bronxcare Health system, Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum worked in different organizations such as Advisory Chief Technology Officer at Swiftpath Program, Managing Partner at Sprocket Health and Chief Medical Officer at DTC Healthcom. Others include Executive Advisory Board Member at Medscape, Medical Information Consultant at ICJR and Stryker, WebMD Expert Panel, and Blog Editor at WebMD, and, as Director of HER project team at American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons.

Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum’s education

He studied Executive Education, Value Measurement in Healthcare at Harvard Business School, fellowship in Adult Reconstructive Surgery at Thomas Jefferson University, MD at Albert Einstein College, undergraduate degree at Brown University and Diploma at Far Rockaway High school.

Read more about Dr. Ira here

Jason Hope Informs the Masses about the Internet of Things

The world is becoming technologically advanced as we move into the future. So far, significant gains have been made creating a world where technological innovations are having significant control over activities that are being done by human beings. The internet of things is seen as one of the ideas that will change the technological world for the better. Since the invention of the internet, new devices are developing to the extent that devices can connect to the internet and even perform tasks that were done by human beings. From research, it has been suggested that by the year 2020, there shall be over 25 billion and devices that will be supporting the internet of things in the world. This is a development that will speed up the era of the internet of things.

As we move into the future, these products will become even more available. Jason Hope, a recognized tech-minded entrepreneur and philanthropist has published an eBook that will educate the masses on the impact of the internet of things. This book provides a clear explanation of the internet of things and the impact it will create in the world. Entrepreneurs who would like to know how this technology will affect the business sector need to follow the information that Jason Hope is sharing. For a long time, Jason Hope has been making correct predictions on the internet of things, and the chances are that if you follow him, you will align your business goals with future technology.

One thing that every entrepreneur must agree to is that the future of the business sector lies in the hands of the development happening in the technology sector. Most business operations are today being controlled through the internet. Businesses that will fail to follow modern technology risk becoming obsolete in the coming years. Jason Hope is happy with the progress that has been seen in some industries such as the airline. In this industry, companies have pumped billions of dollars towards research into the benefits that can be achieved by implementing the internet of things solutions. Learn More.

“Marc Beer to guide LumeNXT as the board chairman “

LumeNXT is a new med-tech startup that is developing proprietary illumination technology. This technology is being used in making minimally invasive surgeries. With a promising technology, LumeNXT is expected to become a great med-tech company in coming days. They have now hired the services of Marc Beer, a notable name in the industry who has helped several startups to get global recognition as well as profitability in a very short time. What the company needs right now is an experienced leader who can guide its operations going forward. There is no better person to help the company than Marc Beer. He has been appointed the chairman of the board of LumeNXT, and now will guide the company as it targets to introduce a product line that will make it easier to perform surgeries with minimally invasive procedures.

LumeNXT was impressed by the track record of Marc Beer. He has managed to start and grow startups within a very short time. It is such track record that impressed LumeNXT who saw him as the best person to lead the company. He has been in similar situations many times and in all, he has come out victorious. Marc Beer is impressed by the illumination technology coming from this company because it will bring great efficiency and precision into the medical industry. The fact that visibility is enhanced makes it possible for doctors to perform minimally invasive procedures with far much better accuracy.

Marc Beer has over 25 years of experience in different fields of the healthcare industry. He has worked in pharmaceuticals, diagnostics, devices, biotechnology, and others. He has seen how startups come and collapse after a short time and have learned how to build strong businesses. It is very hard for medical startups to succeed, but Marc Beer has record success with all the startups he has guided.

Marc Beer at Renovia

Marc Beer is the co-founder and current CEO of Renovia Inc., a medtech startup based in Boston. He started this startup in 2016 and has since made significant efforts towards making it one of the best companies in the medical sector. Renovia is developing solutions for women affected by pelvic floor disorders. These are challenges that affect over 250 million women around the world. Learn more: Inc. has done pretty well as a company in the past two years. It has attracted leading investors in the healthcare industry such as the Longwood Fund. Investors see the idea as one that will succeed in the long run since we are in a baby boomer period where cases of pelvic floor disorders will continue to increase. LumeNXT is hoping to benefit from the exceptional leadership skills that Marc Beer possesses also to have a brighter future.

Hylands Teething Tablets for Pain Relief

Hyland Products offer relief for a variety of medical issues by using homeopathic ingredients. This company provides products for adults and children. Hyland has been in business for over 100 hundred years. This company strives to provide products with natural active ingredients. Hyland’s baby products have been and continue to be regulated by the Federal Drug and Administration (FDA). The reliability and safety of this product are why parents continue to use this product as well as the other products created by Hyland for over a hundred years.

Parents who are searching for relief of their child’s cold have reached for Hyland’s Homeopathic Cold, Cough, and Flu medicine to provide relief to their child’s symptoms and are comforted that this medicine offers natural ingredients to help their child. Their products for colds and flu work towards giving relief from the symptoms, that allow the body time to recover. The products work to reduce pain from a sore throat and “alleviate the irritation that is causing the pain.”

The use of teething tablets can provide relief from the pain of new teeth in young children. Parents seek products with ingredients that have no harmful additives but provide instant relief.

Parents of young children, who are teething want products that soothe sore gums. Prompt relief for a cranky child is essential. Teething tablets such as “Hyland’s teething tablets”, contain ingredients that won’t harm babies and provide quick, easy relief from sore gums and erupting teeth. Hyland’s teething tablets are easy to dispense, allowing the parent to be comfortable with the amount their child needs. These tablets dissolve rapidly in the child’s mouth and make dispensing easier on the baby and the parent.

Hyland’s teething tablets are one of the many products that have long been used to provide pain relief to adults and children.

Buy teething tablets here