Nina Vaca: Empowering Girls and Women While Leading by Example

Young women previously had limited options when it came to careers. Thankfully, the world is quickly adapting to the changing times and seeing women as valuable assets to the workforce. Nina Vaca, entrepreneur, founder of Pinnacle Group, and director of multiple successful companies, firmly believes in empowering young women. There is significant growth in the science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) fields. Vaca is aiding young women through high school and college-level education programs that arm them with the information necessary to pursue STEM careers.

Vaca has become incredibly successful in the business field and knows the challenges that women face. That is why she works to empower not only young women but specifically Hispanic women. On International Women’s Day, she hosted a fundraiser through her namesake foundation. The $11,000 in proceeds from the event will go to assist Latina women in furthering their careers and starting their own businesses. Whether young or mature, Vaca believes in the powerful potential of women.

Vaca earned her bachelor’s degree in business administration and speech communication. In 1996, she founded Pinnacle Group. Her company provides technology services to some of the nation’s largest and most successful corporations.

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