The Career And Thoughts Of Jeremy Goldstein

Jeremy Goldstein is a partner at an exclusive law firm called Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates. The firm provides legal advice for businesses, management and CEO’s regarding matters of executive compensation and corporate governance including issues of a sensitive nature and transformative business events. Jeremy Goldstein also serves the Business Section of the American Bar Association as the chairman for the sub-committee for Mergers and Acquisitions.


During the last ten years, Jeremy Goldstein has been an important part of numerous large, corporate deals. He has become one of the top executive lawyers in the United States. He was educated at the New York University where he graduated with a J.D. He additionally attended the University of Chicago and Cornell University where he earned his M.A. and B.A. He served as a partner to a large law firm in New York before he founded his own firm.


Jeremy Goldstein has written and spoken on issues concerning executive compensation and corporate governance. He is a member of the NYU Journal of Law Professional Advisory Board in addition to serving Fountain House. This charity provides recovery assistance for women and men whose lives have been impacted due to a mental illness. The Legal 500 has additionally listed him as a leading attorney in executive compensation.


Jeremy Goldstein came up with the idea for Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates about ten years ago. There were a lot of conflicts in executive compensation matters at this time. Numerous firms began after breaking away from much bigger operations. He decided the time was right to found his own firm. He advises clients about their careers and pay scale. These issues are important to his clients. He never uses a short cut and believes his work has substance.


Jeremy Goldstein spends a great deal of time drafting, negotiating and advising. He is dedicated, available and has good relationships with his clients. He has to place a limit on what he is able to accept to ensure he is productive and can manage his time correctly. Most of the transactions he accepts are extraordinary and require his skill and experience. He believes in the importance of understanding his clients and makes the effort to establish and maintain good relationships.


Even when there is no active matter, Jeremy Goldstein takes the time to talk to his clients on a regular basis both professionally and socially. He is interested in people and keeps in touch through email and the phone.


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