How Serge Belamant Has Channeled His Path to Success through Innovation

Serge Belamant is probably one of the most innovative people in the world. He has been involved in some of the innovative projects that have touched on the life of people in various dimensions. He is precisely known for the role he played in the innovation of blockchain technology, which is an innovation that allows people to conduct transactions through digital currencies. Besides the success achieved in providing secure and reliable transactions, Serge has been involved in other innovative ideas throughout his career.

After dropping out from the University of South Africa where he was pursuing computer science, Belamant started working with Council for Scientific and Industrial Research where he was explicitly set out to develop sophisticated computer models for various projects. His skills continue to attract positive reviews, and he was finally put in charge of the computer section in Pretoria for the same organization. His skills allowed him to be given the mandate to handle most of the road projects in Pretoria and Witwatersrand. View Serge Belamant’s profile at Linkedin.

Serge Belamant has some background in engineering, which was a clear indication that he was also able to handle some few technical aspects related to roads and constructions. However, his skills were tested in creating graphics interfaces, statistical methods, and digital mapping. All these are vital computer skills that are very useful in the construction of any major road or rail project around the country and in the world at large. This allowed Serge to be one of the most respected people in the council and cement his position as an influential persona.

Due to his skills and competence, Serge Belamant got an opportunity to work at the National Grid System, ESKOM, was explicitly supposed to handle all issues associated with data and analysis. He assumed the position of the Head of Analyst and Data Control. It is during this period that Serge developed the first scientifically based financial system that was designed with the sole purpose of data control.

While working for ESKOM, Serge Belamant was also able to develop the VIB network, which was later purchased and commercialized by Volkskas. It is through skills, knowledge, and expertise that allowed Serge Belamant to move to risk assessment and analysis sector later in life.

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