It Takes A Team At New Residential Investment Corp

When you run a business, you are typically the overseer of every part of the operation. As a small business, there is really no need to have a large group of people to manage the day to day operations. However, as your business grows, you may find that it becomes a necessity to put together a team of people who are experts in the different parts of your operation. Mike Nierenberg knew this when he started out working on New Residential Investment Corp. He wanted the firm to grow as quickly as it could and knew that in order to be able to do that, he would have to have a team of people who had the experience working in the field of mortgage backed securities.

With that in mind, Mike began seeking out the best people he could put in place and have manage the funds that he would be generating. He began by seeking out experts in the field of real estate who knew how to go about purchasing mortgages at reduced interest rates. Once he had this part of his team together, he needed others who would be able to manage the cash flow of his now expanding business. New Residential Investment Corp now has the best of the best in each of these fields and they have proven time and again just how good they are at their jobs. New Residential Investment Corp began by using funds that were secured by investors in their business. They purchased properties that were in danger of failing and they were able to turn them around into profitable assets.

After a very short period of time, there was enough cash flow for the company to stand on its own and begin making purchases using the monies that were coming in from their portfolio of properties. While still maintaining a small amount of investors, New Residential Investment Corp has now moved into the more profitable commercial real estate market. Small shopping areas have been purchased and refurbished to bring in more capital. With the leadership team that is working at New Residential Investment Corp, the company expects that their growth will continue over the next several years and they are planning on many other investment types. Condo communities and other buildings are in their sights as of now and they are hoping that several of them will be closing within the next few months. Learn More.

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