JD.com Showcases New Smart Delivery

JD.com, China’s biggest e-commerce service, has been working very hard over the past few months to expand and develop business worldwide. The company is set to present at one of the world’s largest consumer electronics events at Las Vegas, Nevada. An excellent showcase will help to solidify JD as one of the world’s leading e-commerce platforms.

The new technology provided by JD is currently in development. A recent smart delivery station was launched in the cities of Changsha and Hohhot. The delivery station uses autonomous vehicles to make delivers throughout the city. So far, the vehicles can travel to any distances within a 5-kilometer radius. The artificial intelligence used in a self-driving vehicle is programmed to recognize obstacles that are typical in a city setting, such as traffic lights, pedestrians, and various landmarks. The vehicles use a facial recognition system for identifying the appropriate customer. Facial recognition by the cars has proven quite accurate. This new system is proving to be an effective and secure method for transporting various lightweight items. With further development, more residents could expect to see self-driving delivery vehicles driving around both urban and rural areas.

The technology will be showcased at consumer electronics events. The event will serve as an opportunity for visitors to learn more about the technology fueling China’s e-commerce industry. It will also be a good opportunity for businesses to learn new ideas for their services.

JD.com is taking it a step further by providing the opportunity for audience members to experience the technology through augmented reality. This will take visitors on a trip with virtual drones so that they may experience the view from a drone’s perspective. JD’s unique approach to showcasing its technology could offer a competitive edge, drawing in a larger audience.

The consumer electronics events are one of several major events that JD is taking part in to expand its business. As JD continues to reach out in other regions, more countries will likely adopt similar technology. The technology, while most used for e-commerce, can be applied to many other areas.

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