Dallas, Texas is filled with Prominent Financial Institutions

Although there are many financial institutions in Dallas, NexBank stands out amongst most of them because of the quality services the company offers. Recently, NexBank was handling a private placement that was worth $54 million. The transaction progressed smoothly. NexBank will use the proceeds gained to engage in corporate philanthropy. The financial institution has also raised over $283 million as from 2016 in the form of equity and debt. During the $54 million private placement, NexBank used non-callable notes.

The notes had an interest rate of 6.375% within five years. The notes were also issued an investment grade rating by the BBB (Better Business Bureau). Sandler O’Neill & Partners. L.P. served as the sole placement agent at the private offering. Any individual who is interested in these notes has to comply with the registration requirements that have been issued under the Securities Act.

In any business, it is good to always stay a step ahead of your competitors. As for NexBank, the company’s primary strategy involves offering a wide range of services to their huge client base. Additionally, the company has hired professionals thus ensuring that each of their clients has access to customized services. The services offered at NexBank are such as commercial banking, mortgage banking, and institutional services. Their client retention rate is also high since NexBank has invested heavily in ensuring that there is customer satisfaction within the company.

Since the formation of NexBank, the company has always tried to gain a deeper understanding of the needs of their clients. As a financial institution, NexBank provides loans to its clients. These loans are beneficial to clients since they can propel the growth of their businesses. NexBank is also able to contribute significantly to the market expansion by offering loans to numerous clients. Additionally, NexBank Capital also provides access to third-party types of investment loans. The wide array of services and benefits experienced by clients at NexBank has allowed the company to attract a huge pool of clients. Furthermore, the customer retention rate at NexBank is remarkable. To enhance some growth in the financial institution, NexBank has also formed alliances with other financial institutions and private developers.

The professionals at NexBank are also able to offer various forms of advice to the wide range of clients at the financial institution. At NexBank, you will also gain access to mortgage banking services. Executives such as James Dondero have also propelled the profound growth of the company courtesy of the experience that they have in the financial sector. To know more about Nexbank visit Yelp.



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