Highland Capital

Mark Okada has pushed for the great work at the Highland Capital Management in the position of the Chief Investment Officer. He has implemented a lot of factors to allow the company reached to the required niche as far as the matters of credit and the equities are concerned. At the moment he has the role of making the crucial decision within the company and ensuring that all the operation within the firm flows along the right lane. The dedication that he has put as the head of the company has seen the Highland Capital Management propelled to the higher point and realized its dreams within a short period. Okada has the right skills to push for the goals of the company. His experience in the field has made him handle the challenges with ease. Most of the great concepts that were made on the matters of the Highland bank loan were from Mark. Visit jimdondero.com to know more about him.


Highland Capital Management has realized a lot through the leadership of Mark Okada and the team of experts that has been set in position. Okada is also playing the role of the director at NexBank. He is a graduate in the field of Economic and psychology from one of the great universities called University of California Los Angeles. The track that he pursued in education has made him drives the operations of the Highland Capital Management with minimal challenges. Read more at Wikipedia about James Dondero.

The current net worth of the Highland Capital Management is almost $21 billion. It has appeared as one of the large global company that handles the matters of the equities and credits. The company has been resilient ever since it was started and all the steps that it has made are attributed to the excellent leadership that has been set in position.

Mark Okada has pushed for the great work on the issues of management at the Highland Capital Management.

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