Matt Badiali and Key Takeways From His Writings

Matt Badiali is a writer for Banyan Hill Publishing and is a well renowned geologist that has an eye for investing in natural resources. He has been known for his “hands on approach” when it comes to investing by utilizing the knowledge he has gained throughout the years.

Matt Badiali has visited many places throughout his career. These places include;

• Papua New Guinea

• Iraq

• Hong Kong

• Singapore

• Haiti

• Turkey

• Switzerland

Besides writing for Banyard Hill Publishing, Matt Badiali has also written articles for Below are some topics Matt Badiali has written about as well as a summary of what was written.

1. “Buy Gold Miners Right Now”

In this article, Mr. Badiali discusses how the price of gold per ounce had dropped over the years. This in turn finds many major gold mining companies losing money because the price to excavate is more expensive than the profit they are bringing in. This means that it is a great time to invest in gold while the prices are low. As the prices rise, so will the value of the stocks you have acquired.

2. “How to Make Huge Gains in Natural Resources”

In this article, Mr. Badiali discusses running into a friend at a cocktail party who’s business involved dealing with Zinc. His friend was speaking about how there was a shortage of this resource around 2015-2016 and the shortage will come to the light within the coming years. When 2017 came around, the stock had hit an all-time high and continued to climb. Any one who paid attention to what he was discussing that particular night walked away with a nice profit from their investment.

3. “Silver is the Metal to Watch in the New Year”

In this article, Matt Badiali speaks about the struggle of silver stock. In 2017 it seemed to have been neglected somewhat. It had a huge growth in 2016 but then dropped back down but still did not drop back to its original negative spot and instead maintained a 15% gain. It has remained steady and Matt Badiali believes this is a resource to keep your eye on because it is likely to have a huge jump in value over the next year or two.

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Highland Capital

Mark Okada has pushed for the great work at the Highland Capital Management in the position of the Chief Investment Officer. He has implemented a lot of factors to allow the company reached to the required niche as far as the matters of credit and the equities are concerned. At the moment he has the role of making the crucial decision within the company and ensuring that all the operation within the firm flows along the right lane. The dedication that he has put as the head of the company has seen the Highland Capital Management propelled to the higher point and realized its dreams within a short period. Okada has the right skills to push for the goals of the company. His experience in the field has made him handle the challenges with ease. Most of the great concepts that were made on the matters of the Highland bank loan were from Mark. Visit to know more about him.


Highland Capital Management has realized a lot through the leadership of Mark Okada and the team of experts that has been set in position. Okada is also playing the role of the director at NexBank. He is a graduate in the field of Economic and psychology from one of the great universities called University of California Los Angeles. The track that he pursued in education has made him drives the operations of the Highland Capital Management with minimal challenges. Read more at Wikipedia about James Dondero.

The current net worth of the Highland Capital Management is almost $21 billion. It has appeared as one of the large global company that handles the matters of the equities and credits. The company has been resilient ever since it was started and all the steps that it has made are attributed to the excellent leadership that has been set in position.

Mark Okada has pushed for the great work on the issues of management at the Highland Capital Management.


Chris Burch Holds Interest In A Variety of Projects

For entrepreneur and active investor, Chris Burch, he carries close to 40 years of being involved in the business end of multiple business ventures. Some of his greatest ventures include Voss Water and Jawbone. While seeking new ventures, Chris Burch took over a luxury resort that was built on a Indoneasian Island in Sumba known as Nihiwatu. This acquisition would go on to be ranked as the #1 hotel by the Travel and Leisure magazine.

Chris Burch had held an interest prior to the aquisition however he partnered with architect Philippe Stark along with Alan Faena to help redevelop a land parcel in Argentina that would then be named Faena Hotel + Universe.

Later on in 2014, Chris Burch made an announcement where he entered into a deal with Ellen DeGeneres to release the brand known as ED. He then went on to release a new style of prefab homes that were considered to be luxurious with contemporary design features and space saving options along with features that would allow for energy efficiency.

Chris Burch held onto a portfolio that would keep him in the apparel business along with brand accessories known under the TRADEMARK logo. There are a number of new and upcoming product brands that he is also in development with. Brands such as Brads Raw Foods and Little Duck Organics are some of the projects that he is working on.

Chris has sat on the board for the Rothman Institute Orthopedic Foundation along with being a past President on the board of the Pierre Hotel. He has helped to contribute to a variety of funding research initiatives through the Mt. Sinai Hospital in New York along with the Sumba Foundation and many more philanthropic organizations.

Wes Edens And Richard Branson Look To Bring Trains Back To Florida

The city of Miami was built on the decision to bring the railroad to the city by industrialist Henry Flagler when he expanded his railroad to the swampy village. Over a century later, the railroad is not the main form of transportation in the state of Florida as the car has overtaken the train in recent years. The U.S.-based billionaire, Wes Edens has been looking to develop the railroad once more in Florida following his decision to bring state-of-the-art rail services to Florida once more.

Wes Edens had initially established the Brightline rail service taking passengers from Miami to West Palm Beach in around a third of the time of a car journey. The launch of the service has been a success but Wes Edens believed a strategic partnership between himself and an existing passenger rail service with a global reputation would prove successful. Wes Edens had recently purchased the U.K.-based soccer team, Aston Villa and sought the assistance of the British entrepreneur Sir Richard Branson when seeking help with ticketing upgrades. Brightline has now become Virgin Trains USA and will be part of the global brand of Sir Richard Branson which has already become a successful rail operator in the U.K. and across Europe. Read more about Wes Edens at

Despite the success of Wes Edens and Sir Richard Branson, the fight to bring the railroad back to success in the U.S. will be a tough one. However, instead of creating a national structure of the linked railroad services crisscrossing the nation, Edens believes the use of shorter journeys too long to drive but too short to fly will prove a success. This new way of offering the best in rail services is designed to attract commuters and tourists with Virgin Trains USA intent on adding a range of new services starting with a dedicated push towards creating a new service linking Los Angeles and Las Vegas in the next few years.



Guilherme Paulus Brasil’s Brilliant Tourism Entrepreneur Founder & Chairman of CVC, Guilherme Paulus


Guilherme Paulus began as an IBM intern and has risen to become one of Brasil’s most powerful and persuasive hoteliers in the country. CVC Brasil Operadora operates more than 1200 travel agencies and 53 CVC stores. The Brasilian company had net revenue of approximately 400 million BRL or $100 million in the last quarter of 2018 just to give you an idea of the liquidity of the tourism operation.

CVC Brasil Operadora provides airline tickets, hotel reservations, ground transportation, and other professional leisure travel services at the corporate level nationwide. The GJP Hotels and Resorts currently operates 20 resorts and hotels in Brasil and employs more than 5,000 people.

Guilherme Paulus does not take credit for the idea of CVC; he says that came from Carlos Vicente Cerchiari (CVC), who told Mr. Paulus of his desire to open a travel agency in his hometown of Santo André. Guilherme Paulus embraced the idea even though he had no capital to invest, they embarked on a joint venture, which Guilherme provided the work ethic and Mr. Cerchiari provided the financial backing. They opened a shop close to a cinema that had a flow of people coming and going and grew from there to a nationwide conglomerate. Read more on

Guilherme Paulus’ Weekly Schedule

Guilherme Paulus tells us he learned to plan or update his weekly schedule daily from Og Mandino’s book, The Greatest Salesman in the World. He recommends the book to anyone interested in sales. But, the inspiration he received from the book was his daily thinking and planning session to start each day.

He states that using technology excites him, “With the speed of information, we can understand and act quickly on the needs of our customers…” Google is one of the best research vehicles in the world, and CVC makes use of it daily. You must maintain an online presence, whether it’s research or advertising, people are there online now, and you must be there also. He says online services back your physical appearance. They have agencies in most of the biggest malls in Brasil.

Expanding to Reach the Small Brasil Villages

He says in an interview with Inspirery, we must love what we do. He still physically visits as many hotels as he can two or three times a week. Talking to employees and clients to understand their needs. He hope to expand into the small villages of Brasil and reach even more of the nation’s smaller cities.

Paulus says his favorite quote is, “Prizes are my rewards, obstacles are my challenges.” So, keep your eyes on the prize.

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Nick Vertucci, the founder of NV Real Estate Academy

Nick Vertucci is a renowned businessman, an international speaker, an author as well as a philanthropist. He grew up in a loving and humble family. Unfortunately, he lost his father at an early age. His mother became the breadwinner even though she had no stable source of income. The hardship circumstances forced him to start a small business of selling computer spares at the age of 18. His business flourished but not too long after the invention of the internet and the rise of crash came into existence around the 2000s. His company failed to the extent of losing almost everything.

He was determined to succeed, and therefore nothing could have stopped him from securing his fortune. After losing his business, he got advice from his friend to attend real estate seminars, and this was the turning point of his career. It took him almost a decade to formulate unique strategies that would allow him to make money in the real estate.

Lucky enough the real business picked up; Nick believes in the art of helping others to succeed and for this reason he founded Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy to help aspiring real estate entrepreneurs break through the barriers. Nick Vertucci and his whole team of NVREA are passionate about teaching others how to succeed, and they believe in service delivery and integrity.

Nick Vertucci besides founding an institution for training real estate entrepreneurs, he has penned down a book, Seven Figure Decisions, which explains how he built and lost money and built his empire again. In his book, he also explains key factors necessary for wealth creation as well as how his personal experiences shaped his formula and how you can avoid making some avoidable mistakes he made along the way. One can buy this interesting book either through online platform or from retail shops.

What Rebel Wilson Explores In Isn’t It Romantic

In the got comedy arena Rebel Wilson is doing her job. She has the ability to bring laughter to fans, and “Isn’t It Romantic” will give her the recognition that she deserves in 2019. It is a film about a cynical romantic comedy movie lover that is not actually not a believer in these films. As a child she embraced films like “Pretty Woman,” and her character Natalie – played as an adult by Rebel Wilson – has a startling revelation.

The childhood Natalie has an enlightenment moment by a declaration from her mother. The young Natalie is told by her mother that these characters in romantic comedies are not the happily-ever-after plus size girls. Read more: Rebel Wilson Reveals Character – Isnt Romantic and Isn’t It Romantic Trailer

Once the child grows up into the adult character that is played loud Rebel Wilson her vision is totally cynical about romance. She has no tolerance for any of this, and she believes that her real life is simply a version of what happens in romance films.


She feels that pretty slim girls get the man while plus sized women are left to fend for themselves. This is the type of reality that passes for real life, and this brings her to a point where she is reluctant on the possibility of getting into a relationship.

Now we become someone that does not even want to try. This is something that Rebel Wilson does quite well. She is easy believable as a cynic, and it makes her character relatable because there are many plus sized women that are also not feeling the romantic comedy genre and all the other elements that come with it.

When Rebel Wilson’s character gets stuck into a world that is nothing more than blueprint type romantic comedy by way of her an accident it leaves her coming out of the hospital rather dumbfounded. She has been swallowed by a romantic comedy and the world around her sees to difficult to navigate.

She knows what to expect, but she doesn’t believe that it is the world that she is supposed to be part of. She finds herself unable to get out of this world so she plans to do what it takes to change the world that she knows in the romantic comedy genre. She gives the rom com movie her own twist as the character Natalie believes it should be.

Many of her fans will cheer and scream and laughter as they look at Rebel Wilson navigating her way through a romantic comedy even as a cynical person that does not believe in any of this. She has many avenues to explore when it comes to the rich gentleman that is sweeping her off her feet.

She sees the impromptu flash mobs that take to the streets. They’re all part of the element that she sees in a romantic comedy that she cannot get out of. Eventually Rebel Wilson stops fighting it and looks for the ways to embrace it in her own way. The laughs keep coming as she spices things up.

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JHSF’s prowess in Brazil’s real estate business

In the last three decades, the real estate business has been booming. Wealthy individuals and companies have heavily invested in real estates all over the world. The Arab world, most parts of Asia, the US and South America are some of the regions that have embarrassed this business. Capitals such as New York and Dubai have seen huge property development investments.

South American countries, more so Brazil have featured as one of the rapidly growing property development hub. Cities like Sao Paolo, Rio de Janeiro, and Salvador are now experiencing vast commercial and residential property development project. Thanks to JHSF.

JHSF is undoubtedly the leading property development company in Brazil. The company was founded in 1972. Since its inception, the company has upheld innovation, a tool that has continued to pivot its growth. It has maintained focus on delivering world-class and luxurious properties, which range from elegant hotels and restaurants, residential and commercial properties, classy shopping Centers, airports to mention a few.

JHSF has managed and completed a lot of real estate properties totaling to almost 7 million square meters. Apart from Brazil, the company has moved to the USA (New York) and Uruguay with some of the most notable investments being 815 building and residential condominium of Las Piedras respectively.

Under the leadership of Jose Auriemo, the company has had a fruitful spell. He led the acquisition and management of Parkbem, a parking lot company. JHSF also managed to build its first shopping center, Shopping Santa Cruz, in 1998. Since 2006, the company has diversified its investments with a motive to generate more revenues. Together with other brands across the world, the company was now targeting high-income earner who were willing to pay more for quality goods and services. Parque Cidade Jardim project happens to the product of this partnership. Three years later re-known brands such as Hermes launched outlets inside this masterpiece shopping center. Today, the center is a hub for top brands across the world.

Big property development plans are still underway, and the JHSF wave is yet to be felt. Going into the future, we shall see the company do more business.

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