Betsy DeVos and Educational Care

Betsy DeVos isn’t ever going to be someone who has a negative attitude about anything. She’s been a consummate fighter since day one. She’s been a person who has never let setbacks get her down even for a second. People who have witnessed DeVos throughout her education and her career are well-versed in the tenacity she brings to the table. She’s showcased so much about her talents as the Secretary of Education for the United States. President Donald Trump is a politician who had the ability to identify DeVos’ capabilities rapidly. Dick DeVos is a hard-working All-American man who has been married to Betsy for many solid years. Their marital union is so strong that they actually took it upon themselves to set up a charitable group in 1989. They accurately deemed it “The Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation.” The premise behind the group is straightforward. It’s a not-for-profit organization that gives financial resources to all kinds of causes. Examples are poverty and education.


Betsy DeVos constantly has a busy schedule. She regularly flies to locations all around the nation. She flew to Miami, Florida to talk about the charter school system with famed rapper Pitbull. The audience responded well to this discussion as well. DeVos frequently teams up with prominent public figures who share her opinions with regard to all sorts of topics. Although Pitbull is an entertainer, he undoubtedly has a lot in common with her.


Educational choice is something that pushes DeVos to do great work daily. She doesn’t feel comfortable with the lack of control many parents have over their kids’ educational courses. That’s precisely why she spends so much time talking about giving families the power to select schools for their youngest and most impressionable members. DeVos doesn’t limit herself to dialogue about educational choice, either. She has a strong affinity for charter schools and all of their efforts. Her enthusiasm for educational vouchers is basically unrivaled as well. DeVos takes offense at the lack of liberties that are accessible to many students in the United States. She believes that their family members often get the short end of the stick, too. Her educational journey isn’t a solo one in any way. Dick also puts a lot of care into educational matters. He’s the creator of Grand Rapids, Michigan’s West Michigan Aviation Academy. This school is situated at the city’s lively airport.


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