ClassDojo’s technological advancement

Technology is has come made life easier for people in the current world. It has led to the advancement of scientific discoveries and has also made it possible for business people to market and sell their products online through online marketing platforms. Technology has not only been useful in business and science but in very many other areas including education. Thanks to education, there are online platforms that have facilitated more learning for both teachers and students. ClassDojo is an app that was founded for the purposes of facilitating communication in the classroom.

The app has also led to the improvement of education by providing a platform for educational videos which provide learners with information that builds up their knowledge. Because of this, it has made learning become more interesting to learners. Another major role that the app has played is facilitating communication not only between learners and the teacher but also between the teacher and the parents. With the exemplary platform provided by the app, a teacher can comfortably communicate with the students’ parents and any report can be quickly passed between the teacher and the learner.

The company has its headquarters located at San Francisco, California. The company started from scratch just like every other company and within few months after its formation, the company had managed to acquire 3.5 million users of the app. ClassDojo soon became popular and became highly appreciated by people. It soon became used in over 30 countries. The company’s greatest step was when it decided to translate the app into many other languages. People from the native societies were able to benefit from the program since they were to understand it in their language.

ClassDojo has provided an interactive platform that has greatly facilitated the sending of messages between teacher and parents directly without having to go through the students. The company has also been successful in raising many funds that have facilitated in making the app become better and adding more features for more effective communication. ClassDojo has facilitated communication between students and this has also greatly helped in the learning process.

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