Igor Cornelsen Used His Many Years Of Experience To Help Companies Gain Success

Igor Cornelsen is from Curitiba, Brazil. He attended the Federal University of Parana where he studied engineering. That was the only school that offered the engineering course he was interested in. After a while he changed gears and started pursuing economics. After he graduated, he found a job as an investment banker. He worked his way up to receive the top office at Multibanco. Bank of America purchased Multibanco in 1978, and then Cornelsen no longer had a job. He started to search for other employment, and then he was able to use his skills as assets for other firms such as Libra Bank PLC and Unibanco. For over four decades he assisted in boosting the wealth of his Brazilian clients.

His Success Kept Adding Up

Igor Cornelsen’s success came from his understanding of the Brazilian stock market. His several years of experience working at other corporations provided him with insight regarding business and banking all over the country. Many struggling businesses grew into lots of success with Cornelsen’s help. All of his experience went to great use when he started his own firm, Bainbridge Inv Inc. Even though he is close to retirement, he is still active in the business and finding strategies to assist others with their financial decisions.

Investment Strategies

The bulk of Cornelsen’s strategies are dealing with the stock market. He tends to invest for the long-term, so he’s looking for things that will give him a profit even during retirement. He doesn’t play for immediate gains. In order to use Cornelsen’s way of investing, a person would have to restructure their entire views of the stock market.

Cornelsen believes it is better to be smart about what you can expect in the future and get a bigger return later on, than to chase a fast dollar right now. He feels that lots of investors need to be willing to buy the smaller stocks. Diversifying a portfolio reduces the potential of losing big and offers more chances to be successful.

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