Changing the Healthcare Industry with Ara Chackerian

It’s easy to talk about changing the world. Many of us just hope that others will be the ones to change the world, but Ara Chankerian takes a proactive approach. He has spent his career and life investing in early-stage technologies which bring about the revitalization of the healthcare industry.


After getting his bachelor’s degree at the College of Business at Florida State University, Ara Chankerian started BMC Diagnostics, where he operated as CEO for over 6 years. He then went on to work for ASC Capital Holdings, where he sits as General Partner still today.


One of the early stage technologies Ara Chankerian has been a supporter of is transcranial magnetic stimulation, or TMS. This is a device which is used to treat depression, and the results have been promising. While approved by the FDA in 2008, few know about it due to the difficulty in finding quality technicians and problems with insurance companies. He is hoping to change that, as Ara believes this device will join medication and talk therapy and become a third pillar of psychiatric care for patients who suffer from depression.  For more deatils you can visit


Another passion of Ara Chackerian is the state of the healthcare industry. In a recent article for entitled “Why First World Countries Worry so Much About Their Health Care”, Ara details much of what needs to be fixed in the American healthcare system. Drawing comparisons to other developed countries and their health care systems, he highlights the benefits of a more Universal Health Care paradigm.


Patients in the lower income levels have the hardest time in our modern system, Ara Chackerian points out. But even at higher rates of income, there are some who have trouble paying for health care due to rising costs. Even in countries that offer free health care for all, there are difficulties finding funding.


No matter what country or system you are in, there is likely to be issues regarding healthcare. That is why Ara Chackerian donates so much of his time and investments to advancing and improving the way of life for everyone. To see more you can visit



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