Susan McGalla Talks About The Benefits Of Workplace Diversity

Business executive Susan McGalla has made sincere efforts during the course of her career to open doors for other women leaders. She says that women in leadership positions at a company have been shown to increase revenues and profits. Despite this fact it is men who still dominate top positions in the corporate world where their job title starts with “Chief”.

McKinsey is a consulting firm who has researched diversity in the corporate world. Their research shows that the link is pretty clear between those companies that support diversity and those that don’t. A corporation that features diversity in genders is 15% more likely to do better than a corporation that doesn’t have diversity as a policy. Furthermore, the research shows that companies which make ethnic-diversity a priority are 35% more likely to outperform those that do not.

Susan McGalla says that she has seen for herself that there is an almost but impenetrable glass ceiling that stops women from reaching the highest echelons of a corporation or government office. She says that networking and women-focused initiatives have been helpful. They provide good opportunities for women to learn new strategies for advancing their careers and getting in contact with like-minded women who also work in the same industry.

However, Susan McGalla says the underlying issue that prevents women from attaining the highest executive levels still haven’t been addressed. She says that women only occupy the “Chief” levels in small number around the world. She sees that it will take more than initiatives and networking to break the glass ceiling forever.

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