The Selfless Brian Torchin

Educational Background

Brian Torchin began his educational career by acquiring a bachelor’s degree in exercise science. This degree was obtained at the University of Delaware. Along with his bachelor’s degree he also got his chiropractic degree. Brian began to work as a medical professional and once he did he realized how many problems the medical industry contained.

He noticed the problems with finding jobs in healthcare and decent salary for the workers. Due to these faults in the system, he decided to do something about it. That “something” was to start HCRC Staffing.

HCRC Staffing

HCRC Staffing is led and owned by Brian Torchin himself. Torchin first started HCRC Staffing in March 2005 in Philadelphia Pennsylvania. This company is an online source that helps employ medical professionals.

When starting this company, Brian Torchin wanted to lessen the distance between medical employers and potential employees. He believed that medical professionals should have closer relationships by medical employers.

In the medical field salary expectations are falling, but with the help of HCRC there are still good quality facilities being staffed with good quality employees.

Torchin’s Accomplishments

According to Glassdoor, Brian Torchin has created an incredible system. On his Facebook page he uploads medical positions nearly all day every day. He posts a variety of positions in any and every state. To make it even more efficient, he links the web pages to the job. This kind of work shows commitment, dedication and kind heartedness.

Although it is his job, to be as selfless as he is shows so much of his character. As said before, Torchin began this company and has kept it going for 12 years now. It is to those as caring as him that a highly advanced and quality driven field is functioning and developing as well as is possible.

Roberto Santiago Changes Shopping Environment in Brazil and Shoppers Love It

Roberto Santiago is making some serious moves in Brazilian real estate. He has become one of the leading figures in the world of shopping centers in Latin America, and people are highly impressed with the way that he has helped the total real estate market in Brazil. He has shown consumers that they really do not have to run from one place to another to shop.


Roberto has been the perfect source of entrepreneurship that really shows what it means to have a different perspective when it comes to creating a better shopping environment for consumers. Many people have found it possible to get everything that they need to buy in the Manaira Shopping Mall. This is the establishment that Roberto Santiago played a major part in developing. He was able to conceptualize this idea in 1989 and the mall still stands today. It is one of the biggest shopping centers in the world.


People that come here are in all about the square footage of this Mega Mall. It gives people everything that they would need when it comes to shopping, but there’s also a lot of talk about the wide range of entertainment options that exist as well.


Most people that are out shopping cannot help but be impressed with the way that they are able to lounge and hang out with friends once they are finished shopping in this mall. Some people may even choose to have a couple of drinks and socialize with friends before they start their shopping adventures.


All of this can be done inside of this mall. There are other teenagers and young adults that may have a desire to bowl or simply catch a movie before they go shopping. The great thing about this mall that Roberto Santiago created is the movie theater that is inside. It allows friends to enjoy movies and connect with one another before they go into a store to look for a pair of jeans or shoes.


This is something that Roberto Santiago new would be a value to the natives and tourist of Brazil. He was well aware that people were going to be interested in shopping and doing other things like engaging in rides and amusement parks with their families. There is an amusement park inside of this mall, and that has made it even easier for more people to bring their children to this location to have a good time. Roberto Santiago definitely knew what he was doing when he started the Manaira Mall. He wanted people to have a chance to experience something that was completely different than the shopping experience that they may have had at smaller locations outside of his development.