Kevin Seawright Brings The Dream Of Home Ownership To His Community

Kevin Seawright is a prominent finance professional and the founder of RPS Solutions LLC, where he serves as the Managing Partner. RPS Solutions LLC was founded in 2014 and serves the Maryland area. The company is dedicated to helping a diverse group of people and income levels achieve the dream of first time home ownership. Kevin’s philosophy is that strong communities should be inclusive – that’s why he continues to grow his company’s residential and commercial real estate portfolio.

His company offers business services such as asset management and sales, development, acquisition and governmental contracts to assist his clients in-house.

According to Crunchbase, Kevin Seawright offers a wealth of knowledge to his clients. His career has included high level financial operations management. Prior to launching RPS Solutions LLC, Kevin held the position of Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer at the Newark Community Economic Development Corporation.

He gained valuable insight as the Executive Director of Operations for the Collington Episcopal Life Care Community as he had a broad range of duties including human resources management, union and labor relations and collective bargaining. Read more: Newark economic development group names CFO

His accomplishments as the Vice President of Operations at Tito Contractors led to performance improvements such as a tracking system for contracts, implementation of new human resources policies and better customer service.

In Kevin’s early career, he made impressive moves as the Vice President and Deputy Chief Operating Officer for the Baltimore City Government. Kevin Seawright was tasked with managing a $600 million school renovation budget and lowered a budget deficit by over $600 million by making business practices more efficient.

Kevin received a Master of Business Administration in 2006 and an Executive Leadership certificate from the University of Notre Dame in 2016. He believes in being a part of his community, and is a basketball coach at Suffolk Virginia Recreation.

Kevin has been interviewed on media outlets such as the Larry Young Morning Show. He has been the recipient of professional awards such as the Met Life Bridges to the Future accolade, awarded to him in 2010. Kevin is an outstanding role model professionally and personally.

Whitney Wolfe And Bumble Equals A Balanced People Search

There’s always that one moment in a person’s life that defines them. It is normally a traumatic event that triggers a series of events which can be really devastating. Sometimes though, it gives you a stroke of genius.

Whitney Wolfe had one of those moments of genius. She had been sexually harassed when she was working at Tinder. She vowed to never go through that again. The problem was, there was not an app that matched her needs. That’s when she created Bumble. She wanted an app that would never allow that to happen to any other woman. She wanted people to connect to the likes and dislikes of other rather than just their looks.

Whitney Wolfe is the founder of the Bumble App and remains as the acting CEO as well. Her ability is very well known for standing up to sexually discriminating behavior. She simply refused to tolerate it. Her path has been one of complete success and her genius made her what she is today. She has all of that in her past to thank for this success. She knew what she wanted in her creation.

Originally from Salt Lake City, Utah, she grew up with a traditional old fashioned home. She went on to attend Southern Methodist University where she studied International studies.

The Bumble app is simple. It allows the woman to take the lead in the game of love. Looking for people that have things in common with them, rather than just looks, like on the Tinder app, allows a far more balanced life for that search.

For more information about Whitney Wolfe, just click here.

Boraie Development Notes The Best Places To Live

Philly Purge has reported on how Boraie Development is helping make New Jersey a better place to live, and there are many people who may read the article to see how much development the company has done. Boraie Development is committed to making the state a better place to live, and the company has spent quite a lot of time working in cities just like Newark, and Atlantic City. Someone who needs a better place to live or work may trust that Boraie Development has done the work properly. Visit Central Jersey Working Moms for more details.

#1: Developing Rundown Areas

There are many areas of New Jersey that have been rundown for years because they were not developed properly, and someone who wishes to change their life may move into a new place that was built by Boraie Development. The company asks the cities for help with the properties they wish to build, and they will create a partnership that makes development easier.

#2: Managing Property

Someone who is searching for a better place to live will find that they may come to the Boraie properties, and they will work with the fine management teams that have been created by Boraie.

#3: Designing Better Properties

The properties are much easier to live in because they are modern and updated for the young audience. Someone who is searching for the best place to live in New Brunswick or Atlantic City will find that they may live well when they come to Boraie Development, and they will pay lower rent to the company.

#4: Retail And Commercial

According to WSJ, there are retail and commercial properties that have been put together to ensure that there are places for the people in the community to work, and someone who wants to live nearby may do so. It is quite easy for someone to make the choice to live close to their place of business, and the multiuse properties will be far easier to use because the people who live in the area may walk anywhere they like.

He is working quite hard to ensure that the communities will be united, and he knows that the buildings will help create a more modern place for everyone to live and work. You can visit Yahoo for more info.

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Beneful: Best Puppy Food

Beneful Healthy puppy food is formulated to the needs of an active and growing puppy. It is made using only the best ingredients, and contains a large dose of protein and nutrients that all puppies need while growing, developing, and maturing. Unlike lesser dog food, Beneful Healthy puppy food has chicken as the main ingredient. The healthy chicken is also supplemented with vegetables such as peas and carrots for additional nutrients and to help your puppy feel full after every meal. This tasty flavor is perfect for picky dogs and you can serve it at dinnertime feeling confident that your puppy is enjoying each and every meal.

Beneful Healthy puppy food is a great option for all types of different puppies. Labradors, cairn terriers, and bully breeds are just a few example of the puppies that will thrive on this delicious and healthy food. It has all the necessary nutrients any puppy, big or small, needs in order to develop fully and completely. New puppies can be very expensive, so if you are looking to save a little bit of money on your next dog food purchase, check out the Beneful website. There are always options for savings on dog food.

Nathaniel Ru Is Smashing Fast Food

Nathaniel Ru and Sweetgreen is dedicated to smashing the current junk food culture in the country. Their high-end salad bar chain is becoming increasingly popular and is changing the dynamics of fast food culture in America. A lot of venture capitalist investors are backing the chain since it has great potential to beat out other fast-food giants like McDonald’s while promoting healthy lifestyles. Learn more:


The produce used in the chain is always fresh, organic, tasty and micronutrient dense. They also guarantee that all animal products were raised and killed humanely without the abuse of pharmaceuticals. There are no other restaurants that can compare to the quality of food used by this small chain. Many of their recipes are very tasty and popular with clientele, making eating greens even more popular with the country. Other restaurant chains promote salads that are drenched with fatty or sweet dressings that take away from the diet-friendly aspect of having a salad.


Another unique aspect of Sweetgreen is that fact that many transactions are done through their mobile application. Over 30% of sales are made through the downloadable application for iOS or Android. The integration of technology for this restaurant is unlike anything seen with other large chains. Learn more:


The management strategy of the company is unique and effective. Several times a year, they will force employees that work in the corporate office to work in some of the local restaurants. They do this so that there is not a disconnect with the marketing and business side of the company with the people who make the food. This eliminates having a corporate elite in ivory towers becoming disconnected from real people. Learn more:


The founders of the company, Jonathan Neman and Nicolas Jammet, were attending Georgetown University when they had started the company. They were both like-minded and aspiring entrepreneurs that believed in promoting healthy eating.


The company has certainly grown since it’s 2007 release and they now have over 64 shops in multiple states. In particular, the restaurant is located in man upscale neighborhoods or business districts in the United States. This company really is an inspiration of how an entrepreneurial mindset can lead to a fortune.