Cotemar Mexico Offers A+ Offshore Oil Specialties

Cotemar is a Mexican firm that accommodates both the gasoline and oil fields. The company gives the public access to a wide range of pertinent services. Some examples of its available services are the development of offshore oil fields, construction and maintenance. Cotemar concentrates on construction specialties that relate to maritime support accommodations, catering and operations. It also concentrates on the transportation of supplies and team members alike. The company transports supplies and human beings with the assistance of designated vessels. Cotemar has been offering its help to Pemex (Petroleos Mexicanos) for close to four decades now. It changes nonstop in order to enhance its services. Cotemar offers services via numerous strategic divisions. It makes use of designated services that respond to the needs of numerous markets.


Cotemar offers services that pertain to the advancement of rigs. It has top-quality vessels that manage employee transportation duties. It also has vessels that transport sustenance and lightweight materials. Other options that are available are towing vessels, barges and, last but not least, firefighting boats. Cotemar’s ships and rigs extend accommodation and catering services to others. They’re in charge of laundry, meal preparation, common section cleaning work and even cabin housekeeping.


This company has been hard at work since 1979. Cotemar is a proud offshore oil services powerhouse that puts its attention on upkeep, construction and improvement matters. It runs out of Campeche in Mexico. Campeche is a state that’s situated on the Yucatan Peninsula. When Cotemar started work all the way back in 1979, it was simply a service firm that was part of the energy world. It has accomplished a lot in the decades that followed the seventies. Cotemar has been able to make a name for itself as the number one firm in the entire industry. Cotemar has a clear and defined objective that drives it on a daily basis. Its main objective is to tend to the gasoline and oil realms with optimal security and quality in mind. It’s also to do so with optimal environmental defense as a focal point.


Cotemar follows quite a few key institutional values. It’s a firm that cares deeply about teamwork and collaboration. Working together is critical for the Cotemar team. It’s a firm that prioritizes the value of dependability. It’s also one that has a strong enthusiasm for both imagination and honesty. These qualities are all endlessly important to the Cotemar crew.


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