PodcastOne Chairman Norman Pattiz Demystifies Podcast Ads With New Study

Consumer’s attention spans are very short these days and nobody knows that better than PodcastOne Chairman Norman Pattiz. When Norman Pattiz was coming up through the ranks magazines, television shows and radio were likely the only mediums that were vying for the attention of a consumer. Nowadays that number of distractions has exploded and with that has come a lot of choice.

While that increased choice might intimidate other media professionals Norman, who has worked in the world of radio for forty years, saw it as a great opportunity. Learn more about Norman Pattiz: https://www.bbg.gov/who-we-are/our-leadership/board/norman-j-pattiz/

When change comes to an industry the way that technology has encroached upon and decreased the marketshare of traditional media such as books and journalism, professionals can either cry over spilt milk or get to work learning a new industry and figuring out how they can find their place in that new industry.

Norman built an illustrious resume in radio that includes presidential appointments and oversight of the most well-known radio broadcasts. He also built a radio syndication company.

But when the tide in media was clearly turning toward the internet Norman decided to leave the safe shores of the radio world that he had come up in for the more unpredictable world of podcasting.

Podcasting is a form of media that might be described as the child of radio only it is typically downloaded or streamed via an internet connection. Part of the unpredictability of the podcasting world is the fact that the business model is not as clear cut.

But Norman Pattiz and his company PodcastOne are taking strides to change that. At the top of 2017 Pattiz announced the results of research that had been conducted in tandem with Edison Research to settle the question of whether or not podcasts were worth investing advertising dollars in.

The results of the study, some of which have been shared on PR Newswire, indicated that the answer to that question was yes. According to Tom Webster, Vice President of Strategy at Edison Research the study can “definitively show” that ads that are placed on podcasts do in fact impact brand lift. Advertisers that choose to partner with a podcast to connect with customers will no longer have to worry that they are taking a huge risk thanks to this study.

For PodcastOne and its chairman Norman Pattiz the study is a boon. It shows that PodcastOne, a company that hosts more than 340 hours of podcasting each week, is a great place for advertisers who are looking to run a marketing campaign.


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