Magnises Gives You Millennials the Black Card Experience

Billy McFarland is the man that had the plan to get the Magnises card in the hands of millennials. He knew that this was a card that people would want when they graduated from college, but most of them just didn’t have this type of credit to get this type of black card. That is why he decided to create something that would give people access to a card that had these types of perks.

McFarland has actually started a lot of companies, but the Magnises card may be one of the most recognizable concepts that McFarland has put into place. He is a young executive that has tapped into executives that have experience with credit cards, but the Magnises card isn’t exactly a line of credit. This is essentially a program that is an extension of a credit card that you already have. It is like giving your credit card an energy boost.

Right now this card is the most beneficial for people in the New York City area. This is where all the exclusive affairs take place. There are restaurants like Pier 81 that have complimentary drinks and hors d’oeuvres on Thursday if they have this Magnises card. There are are also others places like the Hudson Terrace or the BowlMor Bowling Alley that will provide Magnises members with an assortment of things like complimentary bottles or buy 1, get 1 free drink offers.

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The Magnises card will be able to put people in a place where they can actually get into exclusive parties where they may be able to get up close and personal with artists like French Montana. So many of young millennials are getting a chance to embrace experiences that they could never acquire before getting the Magnises card. In the beginnings this was a members-only invitation, but there is a rolling application process for people that plan to sign up for this card.

Lots of people are interested in the experience that they could get with this card because it’s not like anything else that they have had before. There are some nightclub perks on that are awesome for young people that may want to get into certain nightclubs without getting hassled. The ClubPass offered by Magnises is what helps people get into some of the hottest clubs in NYC.

There are movie premiere parties that are held in NYC that will grant access to people that are members of exclusive clubs like Magnises. This black metal card can be the thing that gives you access to discounts that can save you money. This is what all black card members ultimately want. They want to have exclusive access to events, but they want to save money even more. That is why the Magnises card has become so popular.


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