Want to Keep Your Clients? Don’t Overlook Social Security!

Social Security is not always given proper consideration when it comes to retirement planning. Individuals approaching retirement do not know how Social Security fits into retirement planning, partly because of the many misconceptions surrounding Social Security on soundcloud.com. A qualified, experienced and knowledgable investment adviser can explain where Social Security retirement benefits fit into retirement planning.

David Giertz of Nationwide Financial explained during an interview that most people who had recently retired, and those who were ten years from retirement, are not being given proper guidance by their retirement advisors regarding the role of Social Security in their retirement planning. Not understanding how Social Security works in conjunction with other retirement planning may result in less income or unexpected taxes for retirees at https://vimeo.com/davidgiertz.

Based on a survey on cnbc.com conducted at Nationwide Life Insurance Company, Giertz stressed the importance of not overlooking Social Security because clients are willing to switch investment advisers, if the adviser does not provide proper information about how Social Security retirement benefits impacts investment planning.

David Giertz also said that investment advisers may shy away from considering Social Security in retirement planning, due to the complex nature of Social Security. Giertz also said argued that those who collect retirement benefits too early could lose over $300,000 over 25 years, that is $12,000 a year or $1,000 a month.

David L. Giertz is the Senior Vice President at Nationwide Financial Distribution and Sales at Nationwide Life Insurance Company, and has been since 2013. He has worked as a financial advisor for over 31 years. He is also registered with the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA).

Mr. Giertz also serves as President, Senior Vice President and Director for numerous Nationwide Companies. He was formerly the Vice President of Sales at Nationwide Financial Services, but he is now headquartered in Columbus, Ohio.

Sergey Petrossov On Creating Compelling Solutions

Sergey Petrossov spent time and placed significant effort into his work. Sergey Petrossov has seen the fruits of his labor, of course, he is not the only one, stars such as Kim Kardashian and the hip-hop mogul Jay-Z have also expressed interest in his startup and have associated themselves with his startup in some form or fashion.

Sergey Petrossov and his “Uber of the skies” is certainly one interesting concept and is sure to catch on over time as more people demand efficiency and luxury in their travel. As more people are able to experience more wealth, they will turn to apps such as the one provided by Sergey Petrossov. In the meantime, Sergey Petrossov will focus his efforts on marketing.

Petrossov and Marketing JetSmarter

Petrossov knows that in today’s day and age, if you want your marketing approach to work, then you don’t have to just create an ad that describes your subject. You have to create an ad that connects to your potential as well as existing customers. It’s not about selling products or service anymore. It’s about selling an experience.

Thankfully he is in the right industry, an industry that specializes in experiences and transportation. Petrossov had to think about marketing from the stories that individuals tell themselves, he had to understand why people do what they do and the type of community that would want to be a part of the JetSmarter experience. It wasn’t an easy thing to do and he had to get smarter himself. But he asked himself a few key questions and realized that what better way to do that than to understanding your customer’s stories?

Tapping into Customer Stories and Saving Time For Yourself and for Others

It is not about listening to the voices in your head but about listening to the voices of the community. The approach may seem as difficult to understand as rocket science at first. But it really isn’t that complex when you take some time to comprehend it. The key to understanding your customers’ stories is simply by listening to them.

Tips On Writing a Successfull Ad

When knowledge is based on truth it is powerful!

When it is critical knowledge, its presence can drive our success, while its absence may contribute to our failure. I will attempt to convey in this report some useful and practical knowledge about how to write awesome ads for the World Wide Web. It is my sincere belief that; if you act upon the suggestions that will be presented here, you may well be taking steps which will give your ad greater pulling power.  leolist
Web advertising takes many forms; web pages, classified ads, e-mail responses, news group postings, and even your signature file. No matter which form you employ unless your advertising is seen, nothing is sold. Being seen is of key importance.
However, a less considered but equally important factor is your viewing audience. Disregarding your audience results in the problem of “selling air conditioners to Eskimos.” It just doesn’t generate much interest. A reader who has no interest in your advertising material is not part of a qualified audience” and is not a potential customer.
Classified ads placed in the appropriate section for your product will naturally draw a qualified audience of potential customers. Ad placement within the section is the single most important factor determining whether or not your ad is seen within the section. Secondly, the content of your ad will determine which (and if) potential customers do in fact actually read your ad. When placing classified ads on the web some rules of thumb are:
Choose classifieds that have the largest number of ads because, this is generally a good indicator of how much reader traffic there will be for your classified.
Determine how the ads are ranked or sorted within the sections and attempt to be listed at or near the top.

Develop reader stopping ad content.
The four essential ingredients of an awesome classified are:
If your ad is missing any of these it is not an AWESOME Ad!
ATTENTION: You must first get the readers attention. Picture him scanning the section of the classified page in which your ad is listed. For him or her it is much like which ride at the amusement park to take next. Something about your ad must grab their attention, to directs their focus toward your product.
Since classified ads usually lack graphics, it then comes down to something about the words you use, or about the way you use them. Some web advertisers seem to think that if you use lots of !!! (exclamation marks)or *** (asterisks) or maybe MAKE IT ALL CAPS that this will draw their attention. The problem here is that:
Everyone knows it’s glitter and meant to get your attention. This may often interfere with the readers ability to take your words seriously. Subconsciously he may even expect your ad to be some kind of gimmick. Right or wrong, stereotype or not, my advise is let your words speak for themselves and steer clear of such tactics. We will discuss guidelines for choosing the right words later.
INTEREST: The ad must have appeal. This is a good place to state the benefits or some attractive features of your product. Knowing the demographics of your readers or the category section your ad is placed in, helps in nderstanding their interests. What benefits of your product or service is most likely to appeal to this group? Develop a mental picture of some of the customers who would come from this demographic group, and will buy your product. What kinds of jobs do they have, cars do they drive… are they young, old, single, married…
Having a mental picture of your audience is important when you want to understand their interests and know what benefits of your product you should spotlight.
DESIRE: But appealing to their interest is not enough. The ad must then “further stimulate your reader.” While interest can generally be obtained by the practical properties of your product, desire needs sparking by a more emotional reaction. Is there something about your product that will make them feel good, excited, confident, secure, hoperul or powerful? Think about what other emotions your product can ignite. Does your product appeal to a particular sense. Can the reader taste, hear, smell, see or hear your product. Realize that most actions which we take are sparked by desire and most desire is stimulated by feelings. We don’t really desire money.
We desire the feelings that we think money will bring us, whether they be happy, secure, or powerful. Yet, the word “money” may trigger the desire that triggers the feelings which we value and want to experience.
ACTION: If your reader does not take action, then you are dead in the water. How do you get your reader to act? Believe it or not this is the simplest step. Simply use a directive. Psychologists tell us that when given a directive (unless obviously harmful) our first instinct is to comply. Turn to the person in the seat next to you, and in a slightly commanding voice say, “give me your pen for a minute”… chances are they will, and usually, without question, for no other reason than “you told them to.” Don’t say… “will you give me your pen for a minute” because now they have to think, and if they have to think they may refuse. In your ad simply say: “call this number now”, “email me for details”, “go to our website” etc. If the first three ingredients (attention, interest, and desire) have been well done, and the reader is a qualified customer…. they will most likely take the action you direct them to take.
There are three ad types:
Qualified – Partially Qualified – and Blind
The qualified ad is specific and includes more detail about the product you are selling. Some products lend themselves to qualified ad content better than others. Hair pieces for men is an example. If your product is particularly “person dependent” use this type. Qualified ads will receive the least response but more of the responses which are received will result in sales.
The partially qualified ad offers a special benefit, such as money or self- improvement. The readers have some idea of what you are offering, but don’t know the specifics. If they are interested and desire your product they will follow your directive and send for more info. If you know where a partially qualified ad response comes from, you may be able to tailor your response to increase the percent of resulting sales.
Blind ads offer only a few details, they are short, and bring in the largest response. However, blind ads produce the lowest percentage of actual orders per reponse, they are often answered just out of curiosity.
Some words are more powerful than others. Saying, your ad must “spark your readers interest,” is more powerful than saying, your ad must “get the readers attention.” Why? because by using “spark,” you can see something igniting within the reader, flaming their interst, and sense they are feeling some excitement. Yes, getting them to have feelings about your words is what you want to accomplish. It is the feelings that are attached to the words that give them power. Look at the list of words below and see if you can recognize the feelings behind the words, that give them power. If you are haveing trouble finding power words to use in your ad, it is probably because you are conce trating to hard on what words you want to use instead of what sorts of feelings you want the reader to feel. Decide on the feelings first and then experiment with the words that best convey them.
Researchers at Yale University say that the twelve most POWERFUL words in the English language are:
FREE – ( I just had to add this one in ! )
The above list contains the type of attention getting words that you should try to include in your classified advertising ad title. Scan a bunch of classifieds (as many as necessary), picking out other such words from the title of the ads that attracted your attention. Do this until you have a list of about 50 words. Try to pick out the individual words and not the phrases. Phrases will come later. Keep this list at hand when you are designing your classified ad. Glance at the list occasionally while writing down possible titles for your ad. The title is the most important part of the ad. You may need to spend 90 percent of the time it takes to design your ad, just on the title alone.
Now write down every word that you can possibly think of which describes a particular feature or benefit of your product. What do you always tell the customer about your product? Benefits – benefits -benefits! Features – features- features!
Verbs and adjectives are great. Verbs because they show action and adjectives because they are descriptive. Active and descriptive words tend to have more enertia and cause us to react with feelings.
Now let’s put it all together and create a simple classified car ad.
Want a Dependable Used Car that Looks Fantastic and Drives Great? 1994 Olds Cutlass – low mileage – automatic transmission – radio plays CD’s — tinted glass – factory air – great gas mileage – So “cherry” people will stare with envy when you drive by – Call today 555-5555 ask for Joe.
Well, this one I did quickly. Maybe you can make it better. Anyway, now review the ad. Does the title grab the reader’s attention. Does the ad offer features or benefits of interest to car buyers? Is some emotional desire created to further stimulate the reader? Does the ad direct the reader’s action?
Now go to it! Create your own awesome classified keeping the above thoughts in mind. Review your ad and check to see that all the important ingredients of a good ad are present. Find a classifieds site on the web with plenty of ads in a category related to your product. Get your ad listed first if you can. And wait for the response. “If you are not getting responses, then either change the title of the ad, change the wording, or Advertise in more locations!
I hope this helps in your future marketing decisions.

Is There An Upcoming Recession? U.S. Money Reserve Have A Say About This Matter

Economic Recessions and Depressions are one of the darkest parts of US history. Although there are a lot of recessions worst than the others, all of the recessions were marked by hard times.

As of now, no one seems to agree that there is a possibility for a recession in the current economy. After all, unemployment is 4%, the stock market is currently bullish, and some of the states saw a drop in the price of some important commodities. The U.S. Money Reserve, however, saw this time as one of the most challenging ones.

There is no escaping when a recession comes because it is a part of the economic cycle. People, especially the government and the businesses, will have to deal with it. Signs of a recession are high unemployment, and the slowdown of economic activities, both borrowings, and spendings.

Another one of the indicators is when the US Federal Reserve tries to raise the interest rates to slow down borrowings. Both the government and financial institutions will try to delay the inevitable, but the longer they delay the upcoming recession, the harder it will hit both individuals and corporations.

The 120th Month Mark

One of the strongest indicators that economic experts are watching right now is the 120th-month mark which was a hidden indicator of the 1990s recession. The dot.com bubble has been in a very favorable situation until it reached the 120th bullish month. People became very optimistic because the market has been bullish for so long.

Assets became overvalued and burst in front of their eyes when correction finally happened in the 120th month. We are currently in the 100th month of bullish activity, and a lot of economists and investors are on the watch. Reaching the 120th mark might trigger an uncertainty that can cause the slowdown of economic growth.

People who are paying their mortgages will be the first one to feel the effect if the recession happened. It can be remembered that it has only been a decade after the 2008 financial crisis and only a few years before the economy recovered back to its state before the crisis.

The debt recorded is almost as high as the debt level that was recorded before the crisis appeared. In addition, there is a tense atmosphere between the Republicans and the Democrats right now in politics. Read more: US Money Reserve | Biz Journals and US Money Reserve | Manta

Back then, both the Democrats and the Republicans are joined forces to sign the Troubled Asset Relief Program and the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, which helped the crisis. Right now, the collaboration seems unlikely.

If there is a particular asset that still appraises in value during a crisis, that would be gold and other precious metals. During the last recession between 2007 to 2009, gold is one of the handfuls of assets that rose in valuation. In fact, the rose valuation went up by 26% and buying gold has been one of the ways to leverage the damage.

As of now, the leading supplier of gold and other precious metals is the U.S. Money Reserve. It is currently led by Philip N. Diehl, who was the 35th director of the US Mint back from 1994 to 2000. The company has been in operation since 2001.

Connect with US Reserve on LinkedIn

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Why Buy Gold


Matthew Fleeger

Matthew Fleeger, the CEO of Gulf Coast Western LLC

Gulf Coast of the West Company is a natural gas and oil exploitation company which is sometimes referred to as Join Ventures. The company was established in the year 1970, and since then it has been known as a specialty in exploring, developing and acquiring oil and gas reserves at the region of the gulf coast. It is a company which has a high profile in the United States, and it has its main offices in Dallas. The president of the Dallas based oil company is called Matthew Fleeger, and he has assumed the position at the company between the years of 1985 and 1990. Currently, he is the Chief Executive Officer of the company.

Matthew Fleeger is highly respected personnel in the Joint Ventures company as he plays a vital role in the development of the company and ensuring that it moves forward and prospers. Prior to start working with Joint Ventures, Matthew used to be the Vice President of a company in the country known as Kinlaw Company. Mathew Fleeger is also an entrepreneur and the founding principal of Med solutions Company and he is serving top as the chairman of the firm’s board of directors.

Mr. Matthew is an alumnus of the Southern Methodist University, and he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in business from the company. Later, he moved to Stanford University and studied his master’s degree in business administration making him an excellent busies leader. He then started working as administrator of companies in the United States. Gulf Coast Company is accompanying which also is focused on exploiting geological materials and using them to make valuable properties. Besides the bases, the firm has offices in Mississippi, Louisiana, Colorado, and Oklahoma. The company has a partnership with other companies like Orbit Energy Partners and Orbit Gulf Coast Exploration.

Vijay Eswaran: From Odd Jobs To A Global Empire

Aspiring entrepreneurs and business leaders can learn from the inspiring life of Vijay Eswaran, the Malaysian business tycoon who despite his impressive success manages to give back to the community in various ways. As the founder and executive chairman of one of the biggest multilevel marketing companies in the world, Vijay has been through a lot to understand his concern to the economically challenged communities and individuals.

Born to a teacher and to the founder of the Hindu Youth organization in Malaysia, Vijay Eswaran was exposed to the value of education and community service. He knew that good education will fuel his drive to reach his dreams. So, he went to Europe and pursued his tertiary education.

He worked as a cab driver to finance his education and finished with a degree in socio-economics at the London School of Economics. He traveled around Europe for a year and worked various odd jobs. In one of his travels, he visited the Franciscan monastery where made a 33-day vow of silence.

His experience during this phase in his life was a part of his first book published in 2005 titled In the Sphere of Silence. He went back to the UK and learned a different kind of marketing called the binary system. Vijay even acquired a professional qualification from the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants.

He moved to the US in 1986 to get his master’s degree at Southern Illinois University. He worked with Systematics, a subsidiary of IBM while doing multilevel marketing on the side. After more than a decade, Vijay Eswaran returned to Malaysia where he founded the QI Group.

QI Group is one of the multilevel marketing market leaders in Africa, the Middle East, and Southeast Asia. Since then, it has expanded its reach diversified its interests in various industries. This includes real estate, education, telecommunication, retail, direct selling, and hospitality.


Nina Vaca: Empowering Girls and Women While Leading by Example

Young women previously had limited options when it came to careers. Thankfully, the world is quickly adapting to the changing times and seeing women as valuable assets to the workforce. Nina Vaca, entrepreneur, founder of Pinnacle Group, and director of multiple successful companies, firmly believes in empowering young women. There is significant growth in the science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) fields. Vaca is aiding young women through high school and college-level education programs that arm them with the information necessary to pursue STEM careers.

Vaca has become incredibly successful in the business field and knows the challenges that women face. That is why she works to empower not only young women but specifically Hispanic women. On International Women’s Day, she hosted a fundraiser through her namesake foundation. The $11,000 in proceeds from the event will go to assist Latina women in furthering their careers and starting their own businesses. Whether young or mature, Vaca believes in the powerful potential of women.

Vaca earned her bachelor’s degree in business administration and speech communication. In 1996, she founded Pinnacle Group. Her company provides technology services to some of the nation’s largest and most successful corporations.

The Evolution of Rebel Wilson

Rebel Wilson has experienced quite a breakout over the past few years. The actress most widely known for her turn as Fat Amy in Pitch Perfect is headlining three big movies this year.

Not only has she a point where she can cherry pick her incoming roles, Wilson is also apart of the trend of female-led entertainment taking Hollywood by storm. But what happened to turn an unknown fresh off the boat form Australia into a leading lady with her own clothesline? Wilson sums it up simply, she crushed it.

Rebel Wilson first made a name for herself in her native Australia. The actress broke out into film, T.V., and the stage as a writer, producer, singer, and performer. When she decide to seek fame stateside she lucked into the role of Brynn in Bridesmaids.

The role introduced her to Hollywood but it was not until Pitch Perfect that Wilson went mainstream. Over the years the celeb has brought life and energy to a slew of supporting roles in films like the Brother’s Grimsby and How to be Single. 2019 is introducing a new side to Wilson.

2019 has Rebel Wilson appearing in three big films. The first is already out and is called Isn’t It Romantic. Isn’t It Romantic is a rom-com with a twist and carries the distinction of being Wilson’s first lead role. The star plays Natalie an architect jaded on rom-coms who finds herself inside a rom-com after a nasty bump.

Liam Hemsworth and Adam DeVine round out the cast as two sides of Natalie’s love triangle. The film skewers traditional rom-com tropes and even contains its own musical number. The role is perfect for Wilson who shines as Natalie. The film released on Valentine’s Day.

Wilson’s second headlining role is forthcoming. The movie is called The Hustle and is a female-centered rendition of Dirty Rotten Scoundrels. Wilson plays the Steve Martin role opposite Anne Hathaway in the Michael Caine role. The story follows two hustlers who attempt a combined con. Wilson’s final film is a biggie. The star is playing Jennyanydots in the film-version of Cats. The Andre Lloyd Weber classic will hit theaters in December and will serve as a defining exclamation point on Wilson’s busy 2019.

According to Wilson finding success in Hollywood takes hard work, perseverance, and struggling through the flat roles to get to the juicy ones. She has certainly done that to great success. Wilson has parlayed her success into other fields as well. Read more: Isn’t Romantic Trailer – Hollywoodreporter and Pitch Perfect Star – Rebel Wilson Talks Clothing Line Hair Secrtes | Today

The actress has her own clothing line that is gaining popularity and is also an advocate for women in the film industry. Hopefully, the success of 2019 will bring a prosperous 2020 for Wilson and she will grace the screen with many more delightful films.

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Article Title: Steve Ritchie, Leading with Empathy

Article Text:

About Papa John’s

Papa John’s International is one of the largest pizza companies in the world. It is spread over 48 countries and employs more than 120,000 people. Following the size of the company, challenges are inevitable.

Enter Steve Ritchie

One recent challenge has quite tried and tested Steve Ritchie’s leadership skills. Steve Ritchie is Papa John’s chief executive officer as well as its president. He has been at the company for over two decades and has held various positions there. Steve Ritchie is also a franchisee of the company. Therefore, no one is more suitable than him to handle company matters.

Steve Ritchie’s Letter to Customers

In a letter to the millions of Papa John’s customers, Steve Ritchie assured them of the company’s values and stand concerning racial matters. He expressed a heartfelt apology to the customers and outlined the measures that were to be taken by the company in remedying the issues that had arisen. His words clearly depicted an empathy that has got people talking. Indeed, the letter, that reached the customers via subscription promotional mail has quelled the outrage that had ensued among the customers.

Steve Ritchie was also quick to affirm the company’s customer service policy, one of putting the customer first. He promises a transparent and accountable process in seeking solutions for the challenges facing Papa John’s. This gives the customers a sense of belonging and inclusion in the company.

Other solutions offered by CEO Ritchie include the commitment of Papa John’s senior management to listen to customers’ inputs moving forward. The company will also bring in professionals to audit the company’s practices to weed out any undesirable traits.

Steve Ritchie is a reasonable individual. In his letter, he recognizes that it would indeed take time to win back customer trust, but with strategic hard work and himself at the helm of it, the company could do it.

It is Steve Ritchie’s empathic and strategic leadership that continues to make Papa John’s a thriving company despite challenges that arise.

End Of Article

The Career And Thoughts Of Jeremy Goldstein

Jeremy Goldstein is a partner at an exclusive law firm called Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates. The firm provides legal advice for businesses, management and CEO’s regarding matters of executive compensation and corporate governance including issues of a sensitive nature and transformative business events. Jeremy Goldstein also serves the Business Section of the American Bar Association as the chairman for the sub-committee for Mergers and Acquisitions.


During the last ten years, Jeremy Goldstein has been an important part of numerous large, corporate deals. He has become one of the top executive lawyers in the United States. He was educated at the New York University where he graduated with a J.D. He additionally attended the University of Chicago and Cornell University where he earned his M.A. and B.A. He served as a partner to a large law firm in New York before he founded his own firm.


Jeremy Goldstein has written and spoken on issues concerning executive compensation and corporate governance. He is a member of the NYU Journal of Law Professional Advisory Board in addition to serving Fountain House. This charity provides recovery assistance for women and men whose lives have been impacted due to a mental illness. The Legal 500 has additionally listed him as a leading attorney in executive compensation.


Jeremy Goldstein came up with the idea for Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates about ten years ago. There were a lot of conflicts in executive compensation matters at this time. Numerous firms began after breaking away from much bigger operations. He decided the time was right to found his own firm. He advises clients about their careers and pay scale. These issues are important to his clients. He never uses a short cut and believes his work has substance.


Jeremy Goldstein spends a great deal of time drafting, negotiating and advising. He is dedicated, available and has good relationships with his clients. He has to place a limit on what he is able to accept to ensure he is productive and can manage his time correctly. Most of the transactions he accepts are extraordinary and require his skill and experience. He believes in the importance of understanding his clients and makes the effort to establish and maintain good relationships.


Even when there is no active matter, Jeremy Goldstein takes the time to talk to his clients on a regular basis both professionally and socially. He is interested in people and keeps in touch through email and the phone.


Follow Jeremy Goldstein on twitter.